Adjacent Segment Disease

Hello, My name is Jenn I am almost 4 yrs post op for ACDF C5-7. I was wondering if anyone has had problems with with increased neck pain and narrowing above and below fusion. I'm currently waiting on MRI to see severity.  I've read that frequently this can happen and require additional surgery.  Has anyone experienced this?



  • Welcome wornoutinCA we’re glad you’re here!

    According to my surgeon, anything you fuse a level it puts more stress on the levels above and below, so the possibility exists

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  • Thanks Chip

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  • I remember making an appointment with my neurosurgeon a little over three years after my fusion.  The dr stated almost matter of fact that this is when he sees a lot of his past fusion patients.  The verdict is adjacent segment disease.  Right on time!!! 

    It would be nice to know this before we go under the knife.  I believe its move prevalent than we are led to believe.   Now I must think long and hard If I care to go through this all over again.  Who is to say when the surgeries will ever end??? 

    Sorry you are going through this.  I wish I wasn't either.

    God bless


  • Thanks Dale. Yes, that piece of info was not given to me pre surgery.  ☹

  • Hi Jenn,

      I saw your post and wanted to encourage you. I am going on 10 years from an ACDF c4-c7. I have adjacent segment disease too. C3 and c7-t1 areas. I have been in pretty severe pain for a few months and am looking at getting a revision surgery. I have tried many therapies, epiderals, massages, meds, etc. and they help but I need the surgery to correct bone spurs that cause inflammation.

    Tough road. The good news is that I can have an operation to "fix" what is wrong in my spine. It is a long road. But, I have great faith in my Lord Jesus. My faith in Him is what gets me through the bad pain days and all the others too. 

    Jenn I hope you can get relief. It's important. Have faith in the positive that can come of all this. It took me quite awhile to accept that I need a surgery. Today I'm grateful.

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  • Well said Litlgrn.  My faith sustains me and give me the peace which passes all understanding.  It was a long road but thank God I am able to say this now.  There is always hope with God. 


  • wornoutinCA I am going through the same thing. I had ACDF in 2016 C4-C6. Started having neck pain and arm weakness a couple of months ago. I had a cervical epidural that did not help so doc ordered MRI. Got the results yesterday. Broad based disc osteophyte that effaces ventral sac and effacement and displacement of C7 nerve root. He said another surgery is inevitable. We are going to try facet joint injection to try to help with the pain, but that is a band aid. I have had 4 surgeries in 3 years. My last was a Lumbar fusion. I am only 42, non smoker active, but bad genetics. I hope you find some answers and relief.

  • Thank you all. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. My moms been in hospital and things have been a bit overwhelming. I means a lot to have others understand me and the pain I am dealing with each day. I so look forward to getting a specialist to look at neck and mri when I get it done. Right now the looking upward for any length of time really pushes my pain over the top.  I continue to have faith as you have mentioned.  It is important to me too. 

    Thanks again for your comments and support.


  • SummChri- I sure hope the injection gives you some relief. Spines are such a difficult thing to fix and get relief from. I did have low back surgery in 96 that was successful.  Unfortunately not so sure about this ACDF  done in 2016.

    Hang in there.


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