Stinulator Removal

I  would like to find out if the stimulator can be removed without a problem?  I find it is not working for me!!!



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    I had an SCS for several years, it stopped working and was removed during a fusion surgery, we do have several members that have had their's removed, hopefully they will see this and give you their experience.

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  • Welcome kftrumbaturi, I am one of those who had my stimulator removed, it just didn't work for me and over stimulated my nerve roots. I wonder how long you have had yours and if you have paddles or just leads? 

    I had a thoracic paddle at T10 and battery in right buttock/hip area. Only had it for 5-6 months so the leads/paddle hadn't developed lots of scar tissue around them. The surgery wasn't as bad as the insertion surgery but it's still surgery with all the risks/ pain etc. Recovery wasn't near as bad as the insertion. I don't have any lasting effects from removal, maybe just a little ache at the paddle site now and then where they had to remove bone to attach it. It was reasonable for me to give it a try but happy to have it out of there, my body hated that battery! 

    Of course I would talk to your surgeon about the procedure if you haven't already. Mine readily agreed that it was not for me, he removed leads, paddle and battery.  Please keep us posted. 


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  • Jerome001Jerome001 Cocoa Beach, FloridaPosts: 327

    I had a SCS but had it removed because of various difficulties and it did not help relieve my pain. Mine was implanted and removed in outpatient surgery. Good luck! Jerome

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,565

    I also had a SCS removed with all leads as outpatient. It was doing more damage than good.


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