Potential cervical degenerative disc disease

First time poster.

Been having some very moderate stiffness in neck for quite a while now. I had a shoulder operation 10 year ago which has never been same and always put it down to effects of that.

I do a lot of weight training however and on Friday gone this very moderate discomfort has become an unbearable pain after gym sesssion from bottom of my neck travelling across back of shoulder and some discomfort in right arm also.

I have been given naproxen and codeine which isn’t really touching the pain. 

On Monday I went to see an osteopath who was reluctant to do much after some initial prodding as he wanted to wait until MRI results. I get an MRI scan on 22nd February. He did however given pain I’m in, the area it’s coming from and fact I’ve been put in for an urgent referral suggested it could be disc trouble.

I’ll be honest I’m actually very frightened as the pain is very intense and the thought of something so serious happening to me at only 39 is really scaring me.

Has anyone else had similar issues?

Thanks in advance




  • Welcome mrjardine we’re glad you’re here!

    Your feelings are understandable, there are a lot of us here that have had very similar experiences, I am one of those, around 2 years ago, I woke up with my neck and arm hurting with numbness in my hand, just thought I slept wrong, long story short, I had an MRI which showed 3 ruptured disc which resulted in surgery. Surgery and recovery went well and everything is fine now. I didn't tell you that story to scare you, what I want you to take from it is this, even if your situation requires surgery, it's usually not as bad as we fear.

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