Anyone have a spinal cord injury using a SCS

I am a 63 year old Male with an L4/5 burst fracture when a tree limb fell on my lower back 35 years go. Been on opioids for years and they helped with breakthrough pain that is intermittent. However, after all these years of oxycodone use , the drugs barely work. Dr suggested a spinal stimulator but I have yet to find a spinal cord injury person who has had luck with stimulator. Is there anyone here who is spinal cord injured and using a spinal cord stimulator?



  • Martyc57 - I have mid-cervical spinal cord injury.  I had had an SCS unit implanted this Fall with the leads placed in my C1/C2 area.  The initial results have been very good.  I found many surgeons will NOT do high cervical SCS lead implants.  I ended up having a functional neurosurgeon do my implant.  He does specializes in electrical device implants in the brain and spinal cord.  For lower back therapy, I found there are many more surgeons that will perform such SCS implants.

  • Thanks SN7, I am on the fence about this because I don't have pain everyday. Sometimes I don't have unbearable pain outbreak for 3 weeks! Then I might get a shocking , electrical recurring pain in my foot that could last anywhere from 4 hrs to 3 days...and I mean unbearable nerve pain. I have used Oxycodone for 30+ with great results but in the last 5 years its effectiveness has diminished and sometimes has no effect. But, do I want something like this in my body? I hate the idea of it and wonder if I its worth it. On this forum I have read some horror stories or at the very least how the unit lost effectiveness after 2 years. I'm gonna have a long talk with 2 different pain Drs and see if I have looked into every option before I implant a SCS.

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  • Welcome Martyc57 we’re glad you’re here!

    Like a lot of things, we usually only hear the bad stories, I had a SCS for several years, and it helped, unfortunately I wasn't allowed to use it for awhile after a fusion surgery and it quit working, I wish I had it now.

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    Have you read Spinal Cord Stimulators and Pain Pumps: Implantable Systems for Neuropathy on Spine-health? It has some great information about intrathecal pain pumps that you might find helpful. There are other pain management resources available in the Pain Management Health Center you may also want to check out.

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