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Sounds like you're suffering from what I have.  Most doctors do not recognize it. It's called flat back and is caused by failed back surgeries. 

I recommend moving to a new state , sounds crazy but that's what I had to do. Start new pain therapy.  

I cant do recliners unless I just sit for 20 min that's with drug pain med. Lay down for 20 min. Avoid falling asleep but try to sleep for 1 or 2x during thr day for short naps, for dinne reason if you sleep it'll relax the muscles along your spine for sorry term but at this point you'll take anything.  

If your spine muscles and rib cage muscles won't calm down

You must get yourself a tub, hey a walk thru if you have to,  and after you soak for. if your like me can't stand sitting cause it hurt . But tru for 20 mi . 

Another thing to try is a 10s unit, use the massaging part put it to thr sides of your spine. Your goal is decrease the spine muscles from spasming, you don't even realize it but it is! Most people don't even know how painful it is. 

I can't lay my back or stomach.  Can't lay on m.y side very long .

I bought a 2k bed. They'll let you try it for 90 days until you find the right on . Takes 2weeks to find it though. 

This pain will overcome on a few years and you will see light. Hang in there.  . No it took staying home. Exercise just by getting around,  try to get those arms up gradually.  Mine got so bad I couldn't raise them,  actually got to thr point I tore rotator cuff and did nothing to cause it. 

The only thing you can do is rid of that muscle tension. You can go see another pain dr.   

There's a trick to seeing doctors, first bring a witness to vouch for you.  Their only goal as a dr is to help you with your pain.  

Tell them what you've tried. Write it dow . They eight read it but have it handy. Tell them I have tried name 3 things and show them your list.  Always be polite.  A person who can't hardly talk because of pain needs a witness with them.  Some drs take it as like your over medicated others take it differently.  There's a huge problem with doctors communication and the nurses are thr worst it seems.  

You need to stay your conversation with I need you're help!

Never say only my whole body hurts. Again communication is key yet when we are miserably in pain we can't speak right.  Only a person who knows pain knows this!!  

I hope since of this helps you. 

Good luck and hang in there.  Find a witness!!

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