What’s going on

if I typed out everything I’d Be up for days so I’ll try to be short and sweet.

I ruptured L5-S1 when I was 22 years old that was 6 years ago. Since then even after the injections and PT I’ve always had pain but nothing too crazy just run of The mill stiffness and sciatic pain down the right leg from time to time never lasting more than a couple hours.

Fast foreward to 4ish months ago early October of 2019 one day I woke up and throughout the day I notice a pain in my ring toe on my left foot. Felt like the nail was cut too short. Over the next to days I kept getting the feeling more often but it only lasted a second each time. Finally looked at my toe and nothing there. Over the next week I noticed it was happening when I Bent over, then the hip/back pain started. By Halloween I wasn’t able to take my son around trick or treating the pain had moved into my thigh, behind knee, and into calf and to my toe. I knew what it was just sciatic pain which I’ve had plenty of times but NEVER in the left like this. So I tried the ice, heat, stretches and ibuprofen and nothing would help so I finally went to my primary. Again I’m trying To he short and sweet so I won’t go through the miserable time I had with him. Long story short he tried every Medicines his little tablet suggested And the pain just kept coming back, finally told him I wanted an MRI and to see a specialist that’s when insurance stepped in and denyed the MRI For whatever reason I’m still in the appeal process for that. I got an X-ray and it shows moderate loss of disc height between L5-S1 since my last tests from my previous rupture so they suspect another rupture. I’m at the point where my whole left leg is as stiff as a broad and more painful than anything. Can’t sit or stand or walk or sleep too long. I See pain management mid March just gotta keep postive until then. So for me this is all pretty standard for back pain but over the past few weeks things have gotten worse in other parts.

I’ve now been getting very bad mid/upper back/neck pain which again i usually get when my backs really acting up I always assumed it was from sleeping funny cause of the low back pain. Now I’m having something new and very weird. 

It’s only at night as I’m laying down and always right after I fall asleep and it wakes me up. I wake up with a burning between my shoulder blades and within a minute I feel it move Into my stomach and I get the craziest most painful urge to have a BM it feels like I’m going to have very bad diarrhea. The first couple times I actually ran to the bathroom just for nothing to happen. Now I sleep on my stomach(which I Attribute all my back issues to but I cant change I’ve tried for many years) And I assume that’s why it happens afternoon I got to sleep because I lay on my back until I’m actually falling asleep. I first thought it was just a weird stomach bug that coincidentally happens at the same time each time but now I’m thinking it’s related to the upper spine pain I’m feeling. I’m even More convinced now because as I type this I’m on an ice pack that’s right on my spine from the mid back up to the Base of my neck and within a minute of laying on i started to get terrible pain just below my sternum not quite the same pain I described above but similiar and in the very same place.

 Sorry I tried to be short but I’ve been going through a lot and I left a lot out. So my question is what Are you guys thoughts on the stomach pain and shoulder pain? Is it all related to the low back issue or something different. Has anyone been through this? 



  • Welcome dbernie19 we’re glad you’re here!

    You have a lot going on, hopefully you can get your MRI quickly and it will answer some of your questions.

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    Here’s a great article about back pain on Spine-health that you might want to check out: Back Pain Overview: A Guide for Understanding Back Pain. It’s a very comprehensive article. I hope you find this information helpful.

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