Still Swelling 7 Months Later

I had neck fusion surgery - C5/6. Simple surgery. But I am still having significant swelling after 7 months. Using my arms or turning my head back and forth while shopping or playing my guitar causes almost instant swelling. I start to gag and my voice changes. It doesn’t really hurt, but it feels like someone has their hands around my neck squeezing. There’s pressure in my head. Very uncomfortable. Sometimes it swells clear down into my chest. 

Is there anyone else out there with this same issue? It has not improved at all since surgery. Is there anything I can do? 



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    I had ACDF C4-C7 2 years ago, I had some of the swelling and voice issues you are having for around 6 months, but nowhere near the extent you are having. Have you spoken to your surgeon about it? 

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  • midnightburn - I've had three ACDFs in my neck (thanks to severe whiplash).  Eight months post-op, I lost my ability to swallow anything.  I had grown a massive osteophyte below the front of my C4 vertabra.  I was triggered by my second ACDF.

    As Chip asked, did you report this to your surgeon?  If your surgeon won't respond, please at least report the condition to your PCP.

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