My SCS was damaged during pacemaker battery replacement.

Hi everyone! I need advice,  bc right now I don't know what to do!  I have my SCS since April 2019. 2 days ago, February 20th, I had pacemaker battery replacement surgery. Suddenly today I developed really strange pain in my lower back, worse then usually, needles like pain in my stomach area and the worse pain in my legs. I  can't stay in bed, sit or walk, pain doesn't go away despite pain meds. I decided to check SCS remote and noticed it isn't working. Despite Saturday night, I called St.Jude rep. They checked the  system and told me that most likely during pacemaker surgery, in a hospital , they didn't put my SCS system on OFF mode and my SCS was damaged. It's a weekend, they have to find a rep in my area, if any, and to get all checked better. I am very upset, does it mean that now I will have to go through another surgery to remove SCS?  How could they be so irresponsible at the hospital?  My pain, nerve pain as well is 20 out of 10. I had few big spinal surgeries, fused from T- 2 to S-1, hardware, rods, screws, cage. Left with Arachnoidities, tons of nerve pain, chronic spinal pain. And now this. Please, advice...I need any info .

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  • moldova - Do you have the option/ability of turning the SCS unit off until you get to see the rep?  My SCS unit is built by another hardware company and I have a "kill button" (device shutdown button) on both my charging unit and control unit.

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  • Hi, thank you for replaying to my post. No, I don't have rechargeable battery, and not able to stop my device. 

  • charryccharry Posts: 147
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    I don't have an SCS but hoping by now you've heard from your Pain Dr. To me this is quite urgent to see someone for pain management and an answer. Would like to hear what happens in your situation. all the best

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    I can totally reset my SCS with a magnet. 

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