Cervical disc replacement post op pain

Hey all, I had a disc replacement Dec 4th 2019 at C5, C6 level and I was back to normal pretty quickly. A few weeks ago I went back to work and this last week I started having a burning pain in my right shoulder. The doctor sent me right for any xray to rule out disc migration.

I've been nervous and just trying to take it easy.  I'm just looking to see if anyone has advise or inspiration. 

Thank you



  • Welcome Supershannon we’re glad you’re here!

    I have not had disc replacement but I did have ACDF C4-C7 surgery, the arm and hand pain was gone when I woke up, some of the pain returned, like you I was very concerned, talked to the surgeon and he said it was the nerves waking up, it took a while before going away. I hope this is your situation also.  

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  • Supershannon - Reporting the symptoms to you surgeon was likely one of the best things you could have done.  I can't speak from experience of ADR surgery, but I did have three different ACDF surgeries.  Sometimes the post-op symptoms are false symptoms and other times are true issues. 
     I know waiting for the imaging and surgeon report can feel like forever.  I was always told to "take it easy" until I got the reports.  If you don't get a report in a reasonable time-frame, sometimes one needs to be a squeaky wheel and make some phone calls.

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