Spinal cord stimulation and excercise

Hi, new to this forum.  I'm due to have a SCS implant in March, I am wondering if its ok to play golf and do yoga after the period of recovery (3 months).  If anyone can offer any advice, much appreciated. The info from my consultant says yes in 3 to 6 months but I'm wary of doing myself harm with the twisting action that's needed.  



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    I had a stimulator for several years, I was told that I could do most anything I wanted after the 3 month period, the main thing was to make sure that the leads were scarred in and secure. Obviously you need to follow your doctors and manufactures instructions.

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    Have you read Spinal Cord Stimulators and Pain Pumps: Implantable Systems for Neuropathy on Spine-health? It has some great information about intrathecal pain pumps that you might find helpful. There are other pain management resources available in the Pain Management Health Center you may also want to check out.

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  • Lesleyannemmerson - I also have an SCS implant.  Every case appears to be different.  Everyone that I know with an SCS implant has had a different experience. 
     I was told in my case that an SCS implant is NOT a cure, but a masking of the pain messages to the brain.  Before the SCS trial is the time to ask questions of the surgeon that is scheduled to perform the implant.  Getting an SCS implant is a commitment.  Make sure you understand what you are signing up for.  There is also the cases that do not work and those patients wish they never had the implant.  You can find many SCS failures written by members on this site. 
     I wish you the best in your process.  If you follow through with the implant, please go into the process with with your eyes wide open.       

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