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I just went for my annual bloodwork and urine test. I can view results on line. I was really upset to see my primary care doctor did a drug test. He told me he was checking sugar, cholesterol etc. I am not on opioids but he has been prescribing lorazepam for anxiety and fioricet for pain. Why would he test for opioids,meth, and morphine? Marijuana showed up because I use it for depression and sleep. It is legal here. It is not pain management and I never signed a contract. I have been with this dr for 5 years mostly for hypertension. I feel like he doesn’t trust me. Is this ethical to do without my knowledge?  



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    Marijuana is illegal at the federal level and the federal level trumps the state level. Don’t ever give your own doctor a reason to not trust you. It sounds like you now may have trouble getting Lorazepam and Fioricet in the future. 

    Maybe the doctor smelled marijuana on you at a previous visit and that triggered his interest. IMO it’s a luxury that a PCP is willing to prescribe both Lorazepam and Fiorcet to a patient. I personally would have to go to two different specialists to get scripts for those.

    It’s very common where I live for a PCP to refer you to a neurologist for Fioricet and a psychiatrist for Lorazepam.

    Maybe @sandi123 can shed some light on this. I’m not sure what you can expect going forward since you never signed a contract although given you’re taking Lorazepam and Fiorcet (both controlled substances) I’m guessing your family doctor is not going to be too happy you had marijuana in your system as well.

    Furthermore it’s unlikely a pain management doctor will prescribe opioids to someone who has marijuana in their system. That’s generally a big “no no.” 

    For your sake hopefully your family doctor won’t share this tox screen with your future doctors. Otherwise it could follow you around for years. 

    Good luck. I hope it all works out.

  • The fioricet was prescribed by a neurologist years ago for chronic migraines. I have been on it for 30 years. I use it for back, neck pain. My pcp has all my info from the neurologist. The lorazepam was prescribed by a psychiatrist and my pcp has access to my psychiatric records. I came to this dr on these meds. As for the marijuana I never use it on a day I see a dr. In fact I only use it when I am homebound with pain and depression. Mostly at night before bed. My dr’s office called and said all labs were good. I am now really anxious that he will stop prescribing now that I read your reply. It’s all so overwhelming 

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  • If marijuana is legal in your area and you have not signed a contract with this doctor I would not worry about it, doctors that perscribe controlled substances usually do drug test, I am required to take 3 per year. The main thing is to not get upset unless there is a reason to get upset.

    Take care and keep us posted


  • Chip, Thank you for your input. Sorry if I sounded defensive. You were being honest and I appreciate that. I had a migraine and the thought of not getting fioricet for the pain scared me. Thank you again and for responding honestly. Nancyann

  • That message was for L4L5 too. Your response was honest and gave me much to think about. My goal is to get off lorazepam. I would rather use thc  and cbd compounds than meds. I will tell my dr. to wean me off the lorazepam if he has a problem with the thc. My blood pressure spikes when I get anxiety despite the 4 different hypertension meds I take. I will needs medical supervision when I taper off the lorazepam. Nancyann 

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