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False positive test

I have been a pain management patient for about 7 years. Receive occasional steroid injections, and monthly script for Percocet.  Never had any issues and have a good relationship with my Doctor.

Recently at my monthly office visit, was given a random urine test. 2 weeks later, I receive a call from my Doctor that my urine test was positive for several meds. Meds that I have never been prescribed. More importantly meds that I DID NOT TAKE.

I didn’t take notice when I handed the nurse my specimen cup if my name was on it.

My Doctor wasn’t angry with me. He seemed genuinely sad. He basically told me his hands were tied as a positive urine test violates the pain contract. He told me he would wean me down one pill at a time each month, then he wouldn’t be able to prescribe me any further medications. 

At my next office visit, he seemed genuinely concerned about my well being. He had a heart to heart talk with me. He asked me straight forward if I had any problems going on, if I had any problems with pain medications, etc. He can’t explain how this happened, the urine is sent out to a lab. I am not sure if he believes me or not. He also did mention his practice is being investigated by the DEA.

I feel so alone in this. A Urine test is objective, so it must be true right? But I DIDNT TAKE those meds. How do I prove it and maintain that I am a compliant patient? Because looking ahead, my doctor did say that no one will likely prescribe me medication again. 

I am scared. I have a lot of life left to live with this pain. What if something happens to me, will no doctor ever help me again?

I really don’t have the funds to hire a lawyer, that’s the only thing I could come up with to fight back. 

Help!?! What would you do??? 



  • Cindy,

    You could take a hair sample drug test.  I believe it will show drugs taken for up to three months.  If you did not take the drugs then this should clear up your issues. 

    I would offer to do this and see what your PM dr has to say. 

    God bless


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    I am so sorry this happened to you. Did you demand that another drug test be taken, especially since you did not see your name on the bottle? dmo had a good idea and I would do the same. You can go anywhere and get drug tested on your own. Then take the results back to your doctor's office and have your record cleared.

    Since he is being investigated by the DEA, it might be a good time to find a new PM doctor.

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  • Sandra made a good point. However, how do you truly know he’s being investigated by the DEA? That could just be a reason to push you out the door. If you’re on Medicare or Medicaid that could be another reason.

    There was a mix up awhile back where the results said I had a medication in my system that wasn’t allowed and the doctor was very understanding and told me not to worry about it.

    Essentially it was a clerical error. 

    I do know a doctor who no longer prescribes opioids. He weaned all his patients off them. 

    This is becoming more en vogue due to the so-called opioid crisis.

    You could call and ask your doctor if he’ll accept a hair sample but my guess is that one fail constitutes a violation of the pain contract and what’s done is done.

    I wish you good luck in getting this resolved positively.

  • You could request the hair sample test, and ask your doctor if he would accept the results. Did you leave the urine sample out of your control? In a bathroom or hand it to the nurse/front desk, and observe them place it directly in bag, with test request and seal it? That’s what mine does. In fact, I wouldn’t trust leaving a urine test anywhere other than directly from my hands to the nurse/receptionist to go directly in the bag- with the orders having my name on the request./bottle. 

  • That's actually very scary that it could get mixed up like that. But, it's easier to do than most people think. I left my urine where they told me one time. Didn't think  anything of it. Then when I went to get my med renewed, they said I was due for a urine test. I said I did one the last time. They had no record of it. So, where did it go? They made me retake it, but this time I made sure my name, bday was on it and handed it to the nurse. No more mix ups. 

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