Major pain in back and legs not resolving after L3-L4 Discectomy. DDD at L3/4 to L5/S1


 I have history of 2 surgeries, both discectomies. First at L4/5 on right side. Mostly pain related and unable to sleep. No weakness.

 Then 4 years later L3/L4. The L3/L4 incident had caused major right leg weakness and un-resolved mild foot drop. It was spontaneous during some stretching. Recovery was fine until 3 months into recovery, Left leg developed same pain (but intermittent weakness). Did MRI and it was clean. Then 2 months following that MRI, symptoms have not improved since the previous worsening, AND now pain/burning started in sacral and genital area. Did another MRI. again mostly clean with nothing to operate on surgically... 

I do have random symptoms in my arms hands now and then (suspicion)...

Can cervical bulges cause leg weakness and pain? I'm requesting Cervical MRI now. Would be thankful if someone has knowledge on such a weird situation (No obvious search results after google search)



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