Post Laminectomy Kyphosis and Multi Level Neck Fusion

Hello there, I’m curious if anyone here has/had a cervical kyphotic deformity from a laminectomy? And what did they do to correct it? I have read they don’t happen often anymore due to advances in surgery, but I have one from my Chiari/Syringomyelia surgery 30 years ago when I was 14. I learned that in pediatric cases an over aggressive laminectomy can cause instability in the cervical spine and cause a kyphosis. 

Cut to present day, my neck is extremely painful and I have stabbing scapular pain on my left side, front shoulder pain on my right with radiculopathy. MRI’s show much degeneration with bone spurs, disc herniations, and severe foraminal stenosis. Nothing has helped, so many drs are recommending it’s time for another surgery. 

I have seen a neurosurgeon who recommended craniovertebral fusion (C1 to base of skull) along with C2 to T2, and an orthosurgeon who recommended to start small with ACDF C5-7 and to leave the kyphosis alone for now because I don’t have any myelopathy symptoms. 

Starting small sounds better than fusing my entire neck at once, even if it means multiple surgeries later on. Just really curious of other people’s outcomes for similar issues, and how severe and limiting is a complete neck fusion? Yikes! Thanks for reading...



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