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Complete RCL and LCL tears

Hey all! I am super new to this forum. Wednesday morning I go into surgery for my left elbow. About a month ago, I was walking outside in the rain, and slipped backwards on a mossy sidewalk. I fell with my left hand outstretched, my elbow gave away, and then right onto my elbow. I was seen in the emergency department and diagnosed with a fractured radial head. I was told to wear a sling and follow up with ortho in 7-10 days. I was still pretty uncomfortable at my ortho follow up so the doctor ordered an MRI to see if I damaged any connective tissue. During the MRI my elbow dislocated... The MRI showed that I had completely torn my RCL and LCL at the time I had fractured my radial head. Then as a consequence of the dislocation, I sustained impaction fractures and bruising to my ulnar and humeral heads. I also took off a piece of cartilage that needs to be removed. They're going to try to repair the ligaments, remove the piece of cartilage, and do a cartilage graft. However, this could turn into an elbow reconstruction. I guess I am posting here because I've never been under general anesthesia before, just light sedation, and am wondering if anyone else has had a similar surgery? The protocol my surgeon is following is very similar to the Tommy John procedure done on pitcher's elbows when they have a torn UCL. What kind of pain should I expect? 



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    I have not had this particular surgery, I did have surgery on my right elbow, a bone spur had cut a tendon 3/4 of the way through, that surgery was fairly painful and recovery was tough, but my elbow has not given me any problems since.

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