Decision time; do I have a 5th surgery? Corrections for DDD,Neuromuscular Scoliosis & other spine is

Recently told I will need revision surgery. Currently fused from L2 into another fusion into S1. Discussion of fusing because of Central canal stenosis & Foraminal stenosis. Central canal L1-2 &L1-T12, Foraminal on all w/left being worse than right. All described as severe. To me the discomfort is more right sided. I'm very uncomfortable . I'm also very unhappy about the entire mess. Anyone else have multiple surgeries w/more on deck? This just makes me less than jovial and I'm sure it will be a battle w/WK Comp. I don't need a pep talk, thank you anyhow, I'm just trying to wrap my head around this and need some sound voices informing me. Nothing for sympathy or in a negative direction- some sound reasoning would be greatly appreciated. When this mess started I was 6'5,5" tall, now I'm 6'2.75 ". Hope that will paint the picture of my spine collapse. Thank you Tuna



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    That is a decision between you and your surgeon. And evidently you know that. I have scoliosis, have lost over 3" in height. But I am not a candidate for surgery because of so many health issues. But it was still a decision I had to make, along with my family. You've had surgery before so you know what to expect afterwards. A lot to think about.

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    Have you read the Scoliosis Surgery article on Spine-health? It has some really good information about the goals of surgery for scoliosis. You may also want to take a look at the article, Scoliosis Surgery: Postoperative Care, which outlines what to expect after surgery and provides tips for planning for scoliosis surgery recovery. How to Prep Your Home for Spine Surgery Recovery

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  • I have had 7 spine surgeries, 5 lumbar, fused L3-5, 1 cervical, fused C4-C7, 1 thoracic discetomy, I don't regret having any of them because they all helped, of course some more than others. Your discussion hit home with me, I went to the surgeon yesterday, I am having problems with my cervical and thoracic again, so the possibility of more surgery is very real and like you I am struggling with it.

    I trust my surgeon and his staff, if it comes down to surgery, I will do it again, but it sure is depressing thinking about it again.

    Take care and keep us posted


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  • Chip, couple other items : my spine surgeon is retiring. He's an excellent man who deserves many years of active retirement. He referred me to his partner who I found out he trained. The standing full body xray is what just took the wind out of my sails the term degenerative scoliosis now has an image that shocked me because it's now gone the other direction. Time to get all the mental & physical hurdles identified. Far easier to clear them if you know where they are located! Thanks jon

  • Scoliosis is nothing to play with, I have been told that I have a very minor case myself, so far, no need to do anything about it, but it's scary. I am glad you have another doctor that knows your history and was trained by your current doctor, that will help.

    Take care


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