L5 S1 paracentral prolapsed intervertebral disc

Hey all,

I am 4 weeks post op of a microdiscectomy and just wondering if anyone else have had symptoms so long after surgery? Mine was an emergency (thank goodness I work in a hospital and got seen straight away), but that pain was something so bad....apparently it was a big one. I have pictures if I am load on here? Just wanted to share my experience and ask how everyone else are getting on cause I am having physiotherapy twice weekly and the pain is slowly coming back. It's like the pain I got shooting down my botox and into my calf.....not like before as before was pain that not even the top dose of morphine took away,  it's more like a sciatic pain, but into my groin now ad well which is strange? 

This might be normal so I am asking as I would rather not see the neurosurgeon again if I can avoid it?



  • Welcome Leonora we’re glad you’re here!

    I have had similar pain after surgery, it was the nerves waking up and looking for their new normal, be sure to tell your therapist and doctor, if it gets too bad, there are nerve specific medications that could be helpful. I wish I could tell you how long it will last but nerves heal at their own rate and everybody is different.

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    I agree with Chip. Nerves can wake up at different times , which is fairly common, and can be painful. When mine flare up, my doctor recommends an anti-inflammatory specifically for nerves.
    I'm sorry, we do not allow pictures to be posted.

    Take care and keep us posted on how you are doing.

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  • Thank you so much for the replies and the wonderful welcome. 

    I had to go see my neurosurgeon today after physiotherapy cause it felt like the same is about to start again. I neglected to also say that on the 12th February I fell when I got home from work and thought this would be an issue for the healing to take so long but was told today that it's due to (like you all mentioned above) the nerves waking up. I don't.think that I am one of the most patient people alive and thought that the healing process would be faster,  but obviously not. He did say that I need to take things easy and work on the exercises given to strengthen my core. I'm just so very thankful I have you all here as this is one very scary thing to go through alone, especially when others haven't experienced it themselves. Thank you again. Maybe I will be able to give some advise in the future.

  • Neurosurgeon upped my gabapentin 300mg to twice daily and added more ibrufen and paracetamol to the prescription. Let's hope this does the trick. Hope everyone feels better.

  • I am glad you talked to the surgeon and he thinks it's the nerves also, peace of mind during recovery is very important.

    Take care


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