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Hi my name is Blair! I’m 31. I have chronic bariatric issues from weight loss surgery. I’ve had ten surgeries all together. I also have many issues with my SI joint and need a nerve ablation. However... i am getting a hysterectomy done at the end of the month. Uterus removed,  Fallopian tubes and my left ovary.

I take buprenorphine nalaxone (suboxone) for chronic pain. I’ve never been an addict.

How long before surgery do Instop taking my medication since it blocks anesthesia and other pain medicine? I want to properly go under, not going into cardiac arrest and be able to have proper pain management while I’m there. After I’m done with my healing I’ll transition back to the suboxone. Has anyone had experience with This? I’m petrified!!! 



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    This question can't be answered here, you need to discuss it with the surgeon and anastesiologist

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  • I agree. Only your surgeon can answer this type of question. It’s specific based on the individual. To attempt to answer would be giving medical advice.

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