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Will we have trouble getting meds?

I just heard about the real possibility off med shortages last night.  The only BP med my dad can take is the one they are short on right now.  He just got a three month supply so he should be fine.  I mean meds have been hard to get here and there over the last couple of years anyway.  First off due to the problems that could occur, the government should  allow our drug manufacturers to go back to production with no limits at least for awhile.  Doubt they will but they should.

Also if you are low on hand sanitizer get some extra ASAP.  They are out of stock everywhere.  Sams club here only has refills for no touch machines left.  Just rows saying “Out of Stock.”  I just called my Mom so she is going to CVS to see what they have.  I got the last four bottles that our Walgreens had.  Stay out of the public as much as you can and sanatize grocery carts, etc.  Mom says Wal mart and super saver have been out of the cart wipes for weeks so she takes her own.  Not trying to ring alarm bells but I think we should do all we can to stay healthy anyway.  We have enough issues as it is.




  • I haven’t had any difficulty yet. I was told that because of the virus going around that appts will be going teleappointments until the virus is under control though. 

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,716

    I just spoke to my pharmacist and he said no, people have to have their medicine but they are taking extra precautions by using the drive thru only or will bring it to your car.

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  • yesterday my state temporarily suspended the state law not allowing pain management doctors writing Schedule 2 Rx using least now the doctors wont' lose their license by conducting their monthly appointments either by phone or Skype

    so hopefully my office will do that if their office has to close since the send in the Rx electronically...will be my luck that the doctor and all nurse practitioner will both be too sick at the same time to conduct business  

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,716

    I would call my doctor's office and verify how they are going to handle prescriptions. Get it out of the way so you are not worrying about it. None of us need the extra stress of not knowing.


  • Sandra, found out that my state lifted the restriction on pain management doctors using telecommunications for appointments on the 18th if need be...a relief, no doubt, if needed in the future

    as of now, my office is still doing business in their building with some more restrictions...will take your temperature before you go back...if you have one, they'll reschedule your appointment (didn't say anything about conducting business over the phone even though they're allowed...maybe wanted to keep that on the QT hopefully)

    I'm sure we're all waiting to see how this all plays out down the line

    no change in pharmacy business yet  


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  • I just got back from the doctor, got my refills for this month, next month can be done over the phone, the state of N.C. has lifted the restrictions of being seen in person provided they complete a training course.


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