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Fall 2 years post surgery

Hi, I have had 2 ACDF surgeries, the most recent one being February 2018. I have had three levels replaced so far and my spinal cord was too compressed to fully bounce back last time, with signal change . Last night, due to osteoarthritis, my knee suddenly gave way and I went straight down onto the ground on my bottom (butt) with a bang. I felt as if my body had shifted up to my head and my head felt under pressure. Today I feel extra physically fatigued and have a hot wrap at my neck. I am just concerned if I could have done any further damage or not or is the neck more solid after the operations due to the titanium discs and fusion?

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  • Welcome Elly we’re glad you’re here!

    I have 3 lumbar levels and 3 cervical levels fused, I have fallen a few times since those surgeries, my surgeon says that the fused levels are stronger than the rest of my spine, to be honest it is really scary when it happens, but so far no damage, I am sure that everything hurts right now from the fall, but if anything seems really bad it may be worth a visit to the ER or urgent care clinic, sometimes it's better to be safe than sorry.

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