Numbness in leg and foot

Hello! I had Left foraminotomy and discectomy on 2/10. Initially had very little pain and numbness. Around 2 weeks after surgery started getting horrible pains and numbness going down from left buttock into left foot-I can barely feel my foot. Went to ortho surgeoan who started me on medrol dose pack in the hope of calmim down inflammation signicantluhowerver the numbness and tinging are unbearable. Going back to the surgoeon Tuesday to discuss options. I am wondering if any of you had had this issue. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Namaste!



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    I have had the same thing happen a couple of times after surgery, doctor explained it was the nerves waking up and swelling, luckily the medrol pack cleared most of it up, but some of the nerve pain held on for a while. We have a saying here about recovering from surgery, time and patience, and that's what it takes.

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  • Ive had similar issue from a dual level fusion on 2/6. Numbness in left foot and pain in left buttocks down thd leg. At 2wk followup surgeon said this was normal, as he accessed the spine via the left side and likely aggrivated those nerves. Said it would pass in time. Would not put me on any steroid or nsaids because it severely slows down the spine healing. I was put on lyrica for nerve pain. Anyway, I have my 6wk followup today. Still really no change other than lyrica and norco keep the pain at bay. Has your symtoms changed? Have you followed up with dr?

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