25 y/o, neck pain for a year, yet doctor says it is fine?!?!?

I have been having this sharp pain at the right splenius capitis, which releases cracking noises in every few minutes. If i keep my neck at one position for a few minutes, i feel some tension growing at that part and i feel the need to stretch my neck in every direction to release that tension. This often results in loud cracking noises. The only rememdy that works is applying bengay at the neck every night, which relieves from that pain during night, but is back again in the morning. Doctor said it is not arthritis not any bone problem. It has to do something with the muscles which apparently is caused due to tension. I am not tensed! I just work as I always did, and this pain doesn't seem to go. Can anyone tell me what could be the possible reason?



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    You didn't mention what kind of doctor you have seen, if you haven't already, i would see a spine specialist who could get you the proper diagnostic testing and physical exams.

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    Have you visited the Neck Pain Health Center on Spine-health? It has a comprehensive list of neck pain articles you might find helpful, including Common Causes of Neck PainHome Remedies for Neck Pain and Dizziness, and How to Treat a Stiff Neck.  

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    I agree with Chip. If it were me I would get another opinion from a specialist. You are having to guess at what is causing this pain. Read the articles Chip sent to you, they are very informative.

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