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Struggling with tapering for surgery

I have a revision on my lumbar fusion in about 6 weeks. They are also extending it down and working on my scoliosis curve. My surgeon wants me to cut my pain meds in half (50mg Oxycodone) so we have adequate pain control options after surgery. I agreed to this and informed my pain management physician. She started me on a taper of 5mg per week and I'm really struggling. My pain is progressively getting worse. I just did my second drop (down to 40mg) and I am in so much pain and I wake up feeling the withdrawals. I am also on medical cannabis but that only helps with pain when I take enough that I am so high. With two preteen kids this just isn't an option for me to be stoned. 

Does anyone have any advice on getting through the taper process? I am not going to ask my doctor to stop the taper. I had a different surgery over the summer and that was a nightmare recovery because we didn't taper going into it.



  • I have been off pain meds for almost three months now. I did find one thing that helped me with the withdrawls. Stand in a HOT shower. Not sure what it does, but it made me feel alot better. Temporarily anyway. Hope this helps.


  • Chris I will try that. I've been trying to stay really busy and working out as much as I can. Today I feel shakey and chilled, so I know it'll be a hard day. My pain doctor prescribed Trazodone and I start that tonight. We're hoping if I can sleep better it'll make things a little easier. 

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  • PearTree.... Withdrawls are the worst. I went cold turkey as I had several disagreements with my PM doc. Not going to keep going to him and paying him if he refuses to do what it takes to keep me comfortable. I felt bad for 3 days, then I got much better. Hang in there. They don't last forever.


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    I had to go cold turkey before I had my pain pump implanted. Like Chris, it was rough for a few days, but at least you are being tapered. The hot showers do help, I have been taking Trazadone at night for years because of insomnia from Fibro. It does not give me that drug feeling in the mornings, which I like.

    Good luck, try to relax and keep us posted on how you are doing.

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