Intradiscal Ozone Injections


Curious is anyone out there has had intradiscal ozone  injections. If so please share your story and what the outcome/s were.



  • I'm also interested in this. My DILhas brittle bone disease and hypermobile joints. She has had them in her jaw and they have begun to slowly heal a surgery she had 5 years ago! Unfortunately they are not covered by insurance. I need to call to see if they do intradiscal injections. Her injections were painful and it has taken years but it might be worth checking into. Have you done any research? 


  • Thanks for the comments Joanne. PM if you find anything out about the intradiscal injections. 

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  • I know someone who had the intradiscal ozone injection done in India and with great outcome 

  • @mva2018noavailable, that is great to hear! Do you happen to know what there condition/injury was?

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