Coccyx Pain for 4 years HELP!??!


I'm a generally active 35 year old male with a desk job. I started noticing minor but constant tailbone pain 4 years ago in mid-2015. It wasn't anything serious but it started getting annoying. I would have to shift myself in my seat occasionally and I started getting progressively more aware of it until it was just... always there. 

Flash forward to fall 2018 and I was laid off from my job so I started working from home at a standing desk. For some strange reason, this majorly increased my tailbone pain and it got so bad I couldn't sit down for a meal at a restaurant. I decided to get some help. 

The first recommendation for chronic coccyx pain on Google was to see a chiropractor who would internally manipulate the tailbone and hopefully get it moving correctly again. I had two visits with a chiro before a vacation put me out of town for Christmas. Unfortunately, the treatments gave me little relief. 

When I returned home in January of 2019 I vowed to get the problem solved and began seeing a pelvic health specialist at a well regarded clinic in Los Angeles. The treatments were great and the practitioner recognized that there were some trouble spots near the area so I had high hopes that the treatment would quickly improve my situation. We did a mix of internal manipulation, stretching, exercises and massage. 

The problem is that the service is cash only and after 7 or 8 visits at $150 each and not seeing noticeable results I was less inclined to continue. For a somewhat related issue, I saw a general practitioner doctor who told me it was "silly" to spend so much money on specialized treatment. He'd heard of various patients throughout his career who had similar tailbone issues and he'd had near 100% success by giving them cortizone shots in the area. I was less optimistic because surely there must be an underlying issue that merely getting the swelling down wouldn't fix. 

"If we can extinguish the fire, maybe the spark will just fade out and never ignite again." is how he put it. So I gave it a try in March/April of 2019. 

The cortizone shot brought my pain and discomfort down from 85% to about 20%. I was sincerely happy but remained concerned that if the condition didn't go away fully that it would surely come back down the road. Additionally, even with 20% pain, I still couldn't ride my motorcycle or mountain bike for fear of bringing it all the way back. I kept foam rolling, rolling on a hard tennis ball sized sphere and stretching all through 2019. With routine maintenance, I thought I'd get it figured out with the added help of the anti-inflammatory cortizone steroid but little by little the pain started to re-emerge. 

Now we're in March 2020 and the pain is FULLY back. I can feel a hotspot on the left side of my coccyx when I touch it and there's a horrible pain every time I stand up out of my chair. 
I'm in agony and thinking about quitting my job to seek full time treatment for this affliction... but I don't even know where to start. 

I've tried:
-a total lack of sitting for weeks
-doing squats
-butt clenches to strengthen the area
-lunges to strengthen the area
-jogging/running to build up the muscles and or loosen them/increase movement in the area

Does anyone have any recommendations or anything that worked for them? I'm dying over here!!! Please help. 




  • Welcome zblock we’re glad you’re here!

    If it were me, I would have a orthopedic spine specialist check it out, you may need some diagnostic testing to figure out the exact cause.

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  • Zach, my heart goes out to you because I know this is SO painful. I'll keep this short but my roommate had extreme coccyx pain for close to a year. She finally found a PT who specializes in pelvic rehab. The treatment was not fun because it was internal but after 3+ months of twice a week, her pain is gone and has not returned! Does your insurance pay for PT? As you know, it takes time and sticking with the exercises but the exercises she did were mild not the things you have been doing. And it has to be a Pelvic Rehab PT specialist. There must be one in an area like yours. We live in Kansas City metro. I'll be praying you can find someone. Keep us posted.


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  • Zach, just a little update. I checked with my roommate and she had the pain for over a year and it took 7 months of treatment to resolve. 

  • Thank you. Joanne, I'll be sure to follow up. I have a Dr. Appnt. on the 18th and I'm going to focus for the rest of the spring on getting this figured out. I don't think my insurance pays for PT but we'll see. 

    Thank you for chiming in. It's motivating to begin this process

  • @joanne2 I'm so sorry, I responded months ago but nothing posted. My original reply was still sitting in the queue. Anyways, I've been doing stretches and some internal work but so far just mild relief, nothing major. But at least SOME relief is inspiring. I'll keep it up and do some more PT when Covid settles down. 

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  • Aldo60AAldo60 Posts: 11
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    Zach, just came across your posts, about tailbone pain and discomfort.  Do you experience saddle anesthesia and sexual arousement issues?  Any bladder or bowel incontinence?  I suffer with a number of spinal issues and facet joint arthritis throughout many areas of the spine including scoliosis and chronic pain and stiffness for many years.  Over the past couple of months , after sitting on certain chairs and a drum throne to play my drums, i started to experience saddle anesthesia with numbing in the buttocks.  Due to L5 disc stenosis, expressed to me as mild to moderate, and pretty severe DDD,  the burning , discomfort and SA started to increase.  I continue to search the Web for answers to all my ailments.  My neurologist and a spinal sugeon after reviewing a recent MRI, said that they don't THINK that I have Cauda Equina Syndrome.   That is a serious condition of the spine that can create permenant nerve damage sustained by crushing the nerves of the lower spine.  Look up Cauda Equina Syndrome.   Whew!  I also stumbled upon what is called Piriformis Syndrome.  That may be what I experience because of the specific location of the discomfort and burning pain .  It affects both my legs as well.   Have you had MRIs done? Although they don't always show that specofic condition but may indicate an issue which could contribute to it.  Joanne's post was a good one.  Seek out PT specialist that is knowlegeable in that specific issue.  Also search Youtube videos about the topic of Piriformis Syndrome.   I try them , but because my issues are vast a d many inckuding neck and mid back pain and stiffness,  it only offers a little help.  You have nothing to lose ! Also there are specific seat cushions that can help too. Doctors are only as good as they are in there own circle of expertise.  Orthopedic doctors who know about knees and hips don't know or won't opine about your neck or shoulder pain.  You do have to seek your own information  and try to act on it.  Good luck.  PS.  There good Chiropractors out there to consult as well.

    Edited for advice

  • Zach,  one more thing,  look into foam rollers for self massaging the buttocks and back of the thighs too.  That helps too. 

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