Flat Back Syndrome Treatment

I have had several spinal fusions with the most recent one done in December 2017 and I had a fusion from T10 to L3.  Previous to this surgery I had a fusion from L3 to S1 so currently I am fused from T10 to S1.  I have been hoping the pain in my lower back would ease up but I am pain every day and can only stand or walk for about 10 minutes before the pain in my lower back gets so bad I have to sit until it eases up.  In a recent visit to my doctor, he says I have Flat Back Syndrome, but didn't recommend a course of action.  Is there a treatment or therapy that can help me?  My last fusion  from T10 to L3 has removed the curve in my lower back and I have to walk and stand in a hunched over position.    



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    From what I have read, treatment can include an appropriate exercise routine to include aerobic fitness, weight bearing exercises and core muscle strengthening. I would talk to my doctor about a good exercise to start with.


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    I also had flat back syndrome, my surgeon fixed it by putting the curve back when I was fused from L3 to S1.  I feel great no more pain.  Recently I had a fusion from C3 to T2 and he put the curve back in my neck. Still recovering from that.  I wish you the best of luck. Found out after low back fusion my exercises were limited to what I could do.  Walking fits me best.  


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  • Thanks for the comments.  I saw my surgeon yesterday and he feels that I may have more issues than a Flatback so he is ordering a CT Scan to see what else is going on.  I have already had six spine surgeries plus a knee replacement which is still not at 100% so hopefully we will get to the bottom of this, but I am not looking forward to another surgery.

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