New sciatic pain & left foot numbness after dual fusion

 Hello. I had L4-S1 fusion 5 wks ago. Postop I woke up with numb left foot (inner and top).  I still have numbness in my left foot, but a few days postop, I started having nerve pain that goes from buttock, down the back of my left leg then to my heel/foot.  Another odd symptom to me is that the side of my left buttocks/hip area has been tender to touch since postop.

 So far, the good thing is, my preop pain was all middle and right side pain...and seems to have been fixed. This is all new pain with the left. Has anyone experienced similar symptoms? Did is pass with time like my surgeon says it will?



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    It is not unusual to have new and different pain after surgery, most of us here including me have had it happen after surgery, during surgery muscles were cut, nerves were moved and stretched, add all that in to the fact the nerve was compressed before surgery and they are now searching for their new normal. It takes time and patience to recover, if the nerve pain gets to be too much, there are medications that can help, for me it has always gotten better.

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    Below is an article on nerve pain after surgery that may help you understand this better.

    scar tissue and nerve pain after surgery 


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  • Thank you both. @memerainbolt, I appreciate the link and I have read that and many articles on nerve pain. I'm looking more for folks with personal experience with similar symptoms. But I do appreciate the direction.

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