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I’ve been in 10+ pain most days with my spine having herniated dics pinched nerves from my cervical to lower spine. Severe spinal stenosis severe arthric spine and last year in Dec got sciatica which thru me over the edge. 911 3 times in a Wk and spinal dr wanted to do fusion and sent me to Er to ck in. I did that and was ready for fusion tho they couldn’t get me out of pain. I was thinking if you can’t get me under pain control know what are you going to do for pain after fusion so I left hospital. 3 days later sciatica pain gone. Than in January I got sciatica pain back.  dr’s I’ve been to said even with fusions I still will have pain due to severe arthric I’ve done about anything I can do to try to help myself and have some kind of quality of life at 60 years old. Dealing with this crazy pain not sleeping more than maybe 3hrs along with pain mostly all day that I can’t even shower for days  I just found my fluke a back surgery called vertiflex and It seems to be something that might help me with this sciatica pain. It claims to be ok for spines that are weak. My concern is that I will have this done and be in worse pain that I would have to have fusion. I truly can’t take this pain and really am hoping and praying that this clip they put in to keep disc open so I don’t have sciatica. Has anyone had this done? Did it work? I am going to see my back surgon to see what he says about this as when I almost had laser decompression surgery my orthopedic spinal dr told me it would not have worked for me as my spine isn’t stable enough and I would’ve had to have fusion if I went thru with laser decompression surgery. Please help me. Sorry so long. 



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    From what I have read, vertiflex is a minimally invasive vertebra spacer used in lumbar surgery.

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