Occtipical Neuralgia hell

Hi I'm new to this, it's 247 no relief for over 5 months, I would like to know what helps people. 

I tried heat and ice chin tucks



  • Not sure what you have tried but I have ON as well.  It is painful and getting constant headaches is a nightmare.  I take a combination of pain meds, muscle relaxers and headache meds.  All prescription strength. 

    One thing I have learned is to keep my head as neutral as possible.  Turning my head or heaven forbid looking up sets off a wave of pain and nausea. 

    God bless

  • dianenodianeno doncasterPosts: 35

    Hi dmo thanks for your reply, my doctor wouldn't perscibe muscle relaxers, I was given 2mg diazapham from the hospital, this worked well, I probably need to speak to my doctor again?

    I understand the keeping your head neutral, it's difficult holding it low high sideways as makes it irritated, so I definitely understand that and the nausea with it. 

    Have you tried physio? My 1st physio visit is today and I'm not sure what to expect, I think my ON is from arthritis in my neck, two disks are very poor and bones are very worn with sharp edges with old age I suppose lol age 51 

    God bless you also

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  • My ON got progressively worse through the years as my degenerative disc disease also got worse.  I have found physio no help whatsoever. 

    To me the nausea is the worst part.  My dr would not prescribe diazepam because I take opiates.  I am however allowed to have Zanaflex which is a muscle relaxer.  I have found the combo to work well together. 

    All of this started getting bad around your age so I hope this is not your case.  I ended up with a two level fusion which I am not sure helped much at all.

    God bless us all


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