Surgery is now an option for me, and it involves replacing 2 discs

Saw a nureosurgeon today who diagnosed me with the start of Cervical Myelopathy. Basically gave me 2 options for the issues in my neck anyway (4 bulged discs and stenosis at all levels, the worst being at C3-4 & C6-7_. Since I've seen "slight" improvement after some PT and Chiropractic work, to wait it out 6-12 months and see how I do from there. OR, he can do a surgery to fix my issues at C3-4 ans C6-7 and this would involve him cutting me open from the front, removing 2 discs and replacing them with artificial discs (may be made from Cadever Bones). I'm at a loss as to what to do next......



  • Personally I would get a second opinion just to see what another set of eyes see.


  • tough decision, I dealt with neck pain for 3.5 years. PT did help along with massage and some nerve block injections. At the end of the day seen the neurosurgeon and had the surgery ACDF C5/C6 December 2019. Although the PT helped i still had constant nagging neck pain along with numbness and tingling in my arm.  Almost 3 months past now and still have some pain in my neck but was told its normal as my spinal cord was compressed for many years and my nerves are waking up. My MRI showed myelomylacia, degenerative disc disease, stenosis with a sryinx formation and a deformed spine.  If ya have any questions please feel free to ask.

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