One year after fusion surgery

Its been a long year of recovery. The horrible sciatic pain is gone, but I still cannot walk very long, or stand too long. I completed physical therapy, and was told the nerve damage I experienced prior to the surgery, would take a long time to recover from. I continue to exercise, in the hope that I will return to normal. I should mention that I am 75 years old, but have always been very physically active. Any encouraging words for me?



  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,161

    Yes!! Keep doing what you have been doing, at our age we should never quit exercising. At least you are not in pain anymore. I cannot stand or walk very long either. Now that the weather is better I plan on walking every day, whether it hurts or not.

    I hope you do return to normal, it will just take time. The older we get the longer it takes.

    Take care and keep walking!!

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