Looking for Pain relief device

I suffer from chronic lower back pain for years. Usually I'm taking medication.

I'm about 50 and I really feel that the medication don't do well to my health and body.

I'm looking for some natural treatment. I saw many pain relief devices in the market. So far I tried 2 different Low Laser devices for pain relief but there is NO result at all in term of pain relief.

Does anyone know any device that may work?

Thanks in advance,




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    Here’s a great article about back pain on Spine-health that you might want to check out: Back Pain Overview: A Guide for Understanding Back Pain. The article outlines common lower back pain causessymptoms, and treatments. It’s a very comprehensive article. I hope you find this information helpful.

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  • G’day chuckdmt, I have had chronic spine problems for far too long. For me all those devices as with physio, osteopathy, chiro are all “temporary relief”. I get more continual relief from meds. I take low dose meds and leave the bigger doses for better relief in a flare up. I hate pain but I rather constant pain I have than a flare up any day. My best go to is my wheat packs. I have them on pretty hot and they help but still only temporarily. For me they help well at bed time. Harpy

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