I starting to think it don't get better

I have good days and bad.   I'm kinda getting tired with the bad days. I used to accept good with bad. That's becoming very difficult lately. Bad days are sucking all my energy out for weeks. I need a good boost of energy for 2 days.



  • Couchpotato68, I totally agree , for me personally it don’t get better, my spine is getting worse. , I have bad days and worse days. I try to find something to take my mind off those worse days . At the moment I have found something that’s sucking me in, 3D drill paintings, putting  tiny little dots on a picture ( like paint by numbers)  it hurts my neck but I try to take lots of breaks . It’s hard at the moment Because of this virus but just getting out for a coffee even if it is by yourself. 

  • Hi ladies. I sure can relate to what you are saying, the weariness is really setting in these days. Right now the good days are few a far between. I have to practice some of the things I learned in Behavior Pain Management classes. One thing that helps me a lot is being aware of what I tell myself. If I wake up and tell myself it's going to be an awful day, it will be. If I wake up from my few hours of sleep and listen to the birds sing and do my breathing exercises and go through the things I'm grateful for, it's a much better day. Oh the pain is still there and I'm learning to accept that outside of a miracle, it will be. 

    Yesterday Kansas City was put on a shelter in place order so going anyplace isn't even an option. A cool thing my church has implemented is assigning a group of people, five others to call during the week. At first I thought, ugh I don't have the energy for this. Turns out it has been more of an encouragement to me than to the people I call! It has actually given me energy because it's a small thing I can do to bring meaning to life. Anyway, these are some of the things I have been doing to help fight the depression that presses in. 

    Blessings, Joanne

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  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,314

    Good days?? Never have them. Oh, I might have one where I can push myself a little more but boy! do I pay for it. Joanne, I look at myself in the mirror every morning and say "we are not going there today". The pain is always there, it's just the mental fight.

    I don't go anywhere, so staying home has not bothered me. I always have a project to work on sitting down. Whether it be the forum, organizing pictures on my computer and phone, to making photo albums on line. I try to keep my mind busy doing something. 

    Take care everyone!!

  • I'm starting to suspect my past dependacy on strong opiods. During weaning off them my legs always hurt bad. Saw that same comment 100 times or more. It just hit me that my bad pain is in my legs. It'll be 3 years in May I got off them. Started tramadol last year.

     I take tramadol now and it helps.

    I wonder if once your dependent,  your body needs that external fix for life.

  • dont.

    The mindset changes as your body changes and adapts once again.

    Meds go from pain relief,to need them,to crutch to a living hell. 

    And then you find your strength again and the slateis wiped clean

    And you write a new story.

    The only chains and ties that bind you to the old life are the ones you make yourself 

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  • Thank you..that helps. I also have seasonal depression. That's kinda rough some years . So far this year we've seen the sun once every 10-14 days. The rest is gray gray fog.

    But just in case I have my pesticide resperator in my truck so I can drive when it does come out. 

    In the past I went south until I found it...can't this year.

  • Yeah..SAD hits pretty hard in march around here..we do live near the beach..but thats hit and miss for my go to spot to listen to the waves and music.

    Usually ime out and about doing things but the stay at home people..arent..GAHHH

    hang in there,summers coming soon and this will be behind us..and all the toilet paper hoarders will be wondering what to do now that its over?

  • I'm getting a huge Texas size steak, a baked sweet potato, lobster soup, and imported beer when this is over.

    And maybe a $75.00 ticket to Hawaii.

    Fyi Costco sold out of 5000 rolls in 1 hour. 

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,314

    Funny thing is, you can still get beer. Liquor stores were classified as "essential". lol

  • Steeeak looking sadly at my salad 

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