Should we watch the News?

I am not sure but it seems the older I get the more I internalize things and worry.  To put this bluntly should we watch the news or stay away and hope for the best?  I am ever so hopeful each day when I turn on the news I will get something positive to help me feel better about life in general.  I keep hoping some country will find a cure for the virus or at least something to lessen the symptoms. 

My wife tells me not to watch the news as it gets me so wound up.  She is of course right.  Today I watched as all sides in our country are at odds with each other.  The police are worried they cannot test their officers as not enough tests are available.  The police chief is pleading with our government as it was just reported a whole basketball team was tested when sick people in critical condition are not able to be tested. 

All the big news agencies are critical of our government officials for not being better prepared for this pandemic when they were briefed back in January and told of the upcoming medical crisis.  We have nowhere near enough protective equipment for our healthcare workers and drs. 

The people of our country are extremely upset that celebrities and athletes are getting preferential treatment when it comes to this virus. 

Lastly I read where the president claimed "All I see is hate towards me at any cost".  I have never seen such a mess in my lifetime.

I hope this is not to controversial but my question is do you want to watch the news and know what is going on or is it just to much to deal with right now?  I myself want to watch but for hope.  I am praying something positive will happen to save the people of this world. 

I know this forum is for spine issues but by opening a discussion about the virus will bring unpleasant things to light. 

God bless us all




  • LizLiz Posts: 2,075


    This forum has been set up just for this purpose.

    I listen to phone-in radio programmes to keep up with the latest, it is changing in UK hour by hour. Where people phone in you get to hear from people  with ideas as well as their problems. In my opinion we need to keep up to date.

    Seems like people are not taking this seriously it will not get better until more restrictions are put on those people.

    Keep well everyone


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    I do not watch or listen to the news, or read about it on line. A good example, I had to tell my daughter to turn it off, she was so obsessed with all and causing her anxiety to go through the roof. I have friends, and family, that I talk to by phone and email so I do know what is going on in the US as well as Canada and the UK. I just don't want it in my face 24/7.

    This is why we started this discussion, so members can talk about how they feel about all of this. Like you, all we can do right is hope and pray for everyone.


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  • I am keeping up with the virus information from a Survivalist message board that I read.  There are some doctors, ICU nurses, EMTs, coppers, etc on there giving it to you straight from the horse's mouth...some info best left unknown maybe

    but, in my opinion, they're laying it out more truthfully than the Lamestream Media stations are...thank goodness

    hope everyone and their family/friends stay healthy! 

  • LizLiz Posts: 2,075
    edited 03/23/2020 - 12:47 PM

    Listening to the radio I find out when the shops are open in the area for pensioners, disabled people and the vulnerable. They have broadcasts from experts from agencies there to help us fight this virus. Medics call in that are treating those with the virus. 

    We are advised how to get medication it is changing all the time as more and more is being arranged,

    There is so much mis-formation on fb  and other social media we need to keep up with the latest news, the more they find out the more chance of avoiding the virus and I know what to do.

  • I do watch because I want to know what is happening but I limit myself to the morning local news and a bit of national in the afternoon and evening. When I feel myself getting stressed, I turn it off. I don't watch it all evening or especially before bed. These are crazy times we are living through. I think the political maneuvering stresses me out more than anything. I TRY to look at things in a big picture kind of way and that helps. 

    I called my pharmacy this morning to see if they were having trouble getting meds. She said they have had some delay getting rescue inhalers but nothing else thus far. Stay safe and courageous my friends, we'll get through this! 

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  • LizLiz Posts: 2,075

    That is a good way to deal with it Joanne, keep up to date but not let it make you stressed.

  • Bad info is worse than no info.

    The crux if the issue is how people use the info, process and then act.

    Some people are logical amd and react in a visceral manner

    Some are emotional and act in an emotional manner. 

    From a Spiney POV ive learned to wait before i react..we are all chemical creatures driven by tides of hormones.





    Acceptance...sounds familar no?

    Self control



    Taking control

    Acting on knowledge 

    This is one more thingbto face in a long line of things to overcome.

    Media is a ratrace to echo chamber to finally...facts

    Listening over and over..gleaning very little kernals of real information trying to make sense of chaos..created by the very media streaming 24\7 creating an echo chamber of fear,anxiety and confusion as everyone repeats ad nausium.

    Thing is what it is

    Things happen beyond our we process, act and think..IS under our complete and sovereign control.

    Dont fear the is simply..the unknown...waiting to be filled by what you want it to be filled by. you want to fill that empty space with?

    Its a decision that IS entirely under your control

    The more we hear, the more we begin to see the bigger picture as we wipe away window..more light comes through as the old stuff is wiped away,throwing away the old rag we used to wipe because its filled with all the old gunk

    And we wipe again and more light comes through

    Again and again  till the light is clearly coming through 

    What we thought  we knew..changes to be replaced by what we do know

    And the courage and  perspicacity to let go of what we knew... and study the new is the process.

    Fear is a few chemicals running around the body..its a reaction a few thoughts running around your head.

    Be kind to yourself a Member named John used to put as his footer

    Fear is inevitable...courage is optional 

  • Good morning to all,

    The medical community is telling us we need to flatten the curve.  We need to slow down the process of those being exposed and ultimately getting sick from the Covid19 virus.  By staying in our homes we slow the rate of spread of this virus thus allowing the medical community to handle the volume of people getting sick.

    This is something our medical experts are saying.  This is something other countries are telling us to not repeat what they have done.  It makes sense and is practical as the death rate is higher with this disease than the flu.  We have no protection against this as yet.  No meds to help us.

    Now I see our president is saying he may very well lift the ban on closings and travel.  Businesses will reopen and people will again spread this virus. 

    Our politicians are not in agreement over this.  Now we hear governors saying their states are on lockdown and schools will be closed indefinitely. 

    What I am about to say is just my opinion and may upset some people here.  If things go back to normal before we can develop something to help us then many more people will get infected and may die.  It is incredibly irresponsible to give in to the pressure of the mighty dollar.  I know businesses are hurting but money is not worth human lives.  Our hospitals and medical facilities will be overrun.  I think this is a bad idea. 

    I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime.  I absolutely hate to see people become ill, suffer and possibly die.  It just breaks my heart.  Most of us here at SH have multiple health issues and very well may not survive this pandemic if exposed to it.

    God help us please


  • LizLiz Posts: 2,075

    I am in total lockdown here in London, those less vulnerable have restrictions but still they could do more with restrictions 

    Take Care and stay safe everyone

  • The News...... I was checking the news a few times a day, wanting to “ stay informed”.  My anxiety meds stopped working and I finally realized the connection. Duh. Now I refrain because anxiety pushes my blood pressure up. I have to take 4 different bp meds to keep it stable as is. I will check for cases in my small town. So far none.  I have no problem staying home, I am used to it. I spend as much time as I can outside in the peace and quiet. 

    Dale, please don’t upset yourself with the hype of the news,especially the current politics. You and I both know God is in charge. My husband and I are taking this time to pray more together. Church services have been canceled  but  we participate in mass that is on U Tube . There are some great Billy Graham broadcasts and other shows that will leave you with a peaceful spirit. God Bless.  Nancyann 

  • I definitely watch what’s going on with this virus. I need to keep up with where it is and how to help my family. No one will help us but ourselves. We need to stay in , wash your hands as often as you can.  most people are doing the right thing. The 10 pm news tonight will inform us on new laws. Hoping our state will be in total lock down. Be safe everyone 

  • LizLiz Posts: 2,075

    I agree harpy  I need to know the latest update

    nancyann if you are suffering from anxiety I would just check in the evening or first thing in the morning to be informed of the latest information. 

    I am in UK so i don't know how often your updates are, I know here there are updates constantly as people are worried about their financial problems how they are going to feed their families and keep a roof over their head.

    Some people  are still not listening, and I feel these are the people who will make the pandemic  last longer.

  • Thank you all for the wonderful advice and the heartfelt concerns. 

    If you pay close attention you will see we are in a war of sorts in the US.  We have the president saying he wants to open up things by Easter.  "He wants to save the economy" by letting everyone go back to work.  On the other side of this you have our Governors who want to keeps things locked down in order to save lives.  Along with the Governors you have the medical community which also believes the lockdown is the best way to keep the virus from spreading. 

    I was hoping our country would be united in this effort to save as many people as possible.  These are hard choices but certainly people should choose lives over money any day. 

    I am assured of my final destination.  Of that I have no doubt.  Even now my heart aches for those who are sick and suffer. 

    God bless


  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,169

    If anyone has any questions about the virus, please go to the thread "Post your COVID questions here. Veritas Health is monitoring this thread and the answers are from our team of doctors. 



  • Just my opinion, Dale but I don't think he will go against the advice of the excellent scientists and doctors he has heading this up. Either way it's a State decision not Federal. I think in his own way he's trying to be optimistic. I do think he'll take a wait and see attitude and it doesn't appear there is any way things will be close to normal for a very long time. Stay safe friend and don't watch too much news, lol. 


  • Hi All, If you watch the news, make sure to find both the pro/con channels and switch between them every hour. It's like those people live in 2 different universes. I shake my head and laugh, or cry, depending.

    All I know for sure... is our world is in the middle of changing, and I'm not sure what to think about that.


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