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Hi -- A year or so ago, while gardening, I fell on my shoulder and side onto concrete walkway.  Was sent to physical therapy to get shoulder back into full motion.  Result was that shoulder improved immensely, but one of the exercises hurt my neck and resulted in my not being able to hold my head upright.  Physical therapist gave me a sort of brace to hold my neck up.  I wore it off and on and my neck improved after a couple months, and for weeks after, I had no more problem.  Now 2 weeks ago I must have slept crookedly because I woke up with my neck hurting.  Then just three days ago, it hurt so bad while shopping that the pain forced me back to the car where I could sit down.  I am having trouble getting my neck comfortable so I can go to sleep at night.  Does anyone have any recommendations for this type of sore neck?  Many thanks.



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    If this continues without getting any better, I would have it checked by a spinal specialist that could do the proper testing.

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    Have you visited the Neck Pain Health Center on Spine-health? It has a comprehensive list of neck pain articles you might find helpful, including Common Causes of Neck PainHome Remedies for Neck Pain and Dizziness, and How to Treat a Stiff Neck.  

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    I agree with Chip. Instead of trying to guess what it is, see someone that will do a MRI or CT scan to find the root of the problem.


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