What were you limited on doing post surgery (cervical)?

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Just looking to get a feel for what the limitations were. I live on my own, so don't have much help. I've seen things about people saying they should not lift even a gallon of milk, so it has me wondering about things like laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc. Doctor did say I likely could get back into driving after 2 weeks and then other basic activities within 2 months. How long were you limited for on things and what things did you need help with the most? Sorry if there is a thread about this already, I could not find it short of other spread out comments in other threads. Thanks!



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    A good place to look is in older surgery buddy discussions. There, members would discuss their recovery and their time frames. Just remember, everyone is different, and you know your body better as to what it can handle and can't. It takes time and patience.

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  • I had C4-C7 ACDF surgery, I was not allowed to drive for 4 weeks, weight limit was 5 pounds for 4 weeks, of course the surgeon did not want me turning my head anymore than necessary for a couple of weeks, I was only required to wear a brace when I was out of the house, but had to be very careful without it.


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