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Alif with posteior recovery mishegas

ok  On 3/30 I had an Alif with Posterior.  the surgery went great ..recovery not so hot.  Left hospital on Thur...bowels were coming around,, but on Fri 1am  totally stopped urinating so off to ER and another catheter ...the one you come home with.  Hard to train body to poop with the cath.   anyway....   Hosp was giving me two 7.5mg Narcos  every 6hrs (as needed).  The pain is still very intese in front.  Guess Cutting all the stomach muscles will do that.    I was taking one 10mg  hydrocodone a day before surgery in the eve as pain management.     So ... I want to get off this stuff..but after 6hrs right now its nasty....  do I cut back when its better after 6hrs...wait longer 7-8...  or try one pill ?     or am I in too big a hurry.   I was sent home with a 6 day supply at max dosage.     just would like advice from anyone thats had this surgery....  even though the catheter really is screwing up the recovery phase.       thanks all

ps  I'm a 68yr old male... doubting I made the right decision



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    All of my surgeries have been posterior so I can't speak about your specific surgery, but it's still spine surgery that comes with a recovery period and you are just getting started, as you said, muscles were cut, they take time to heal, nerves were moved around and they take time to heal, we have a saying here, time and patience, for me that has always been the hardest part of surgery. I don't think anybody here can tell you the proper thing to do about your pain meds. I will tell you what my surgeon says about it, he says excessive pain slows the healing process after surgery and I should take the pain medication as prescribed. I hope things start turning around for you quickly. 

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