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Difficulty finding new pain mgmt doctor after mine closed his practice

Hi All I’m trying not to crumble into a ball of anxiety over this. My pain management Doc who basically saved my life when no one else would help me closed his practice suddenly. I have so far called 8 offices. Some have outright refused to treat me when I tell them my dosages. Yes I’m on very high dosages. The pain is unbearable without them. I even reached out on my Next Door app to ask if any fellow patients of my ex doctor were on there - no luck so far. Also some of the offices are pain mgmt but with no prescribers. Is there a way to tell if someone is a prescriber by their title or description ?

Thanks for any advice.



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    There are NP’s and PA’s who focus on pain management but it’s hard to know who they are and where they are.

    One time when my pain management doctor was at a conference he had a PA filling in for him. 

    He signed my script that day and I noted his name and googled it. He has his own practice within 10-15 minutes where I live but because he’s not an MD he won’t show up in a “pain management doctor” google search (because he’s not a doctor but rather a PA).

    Otherwise try your GP and ask for a referral.

    Good luck. Don’t give up.

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    I am so sorry to hear this news. I know, to chronic pain patients, losing the pain management doctor, especially one that has been good to work with, can be hard to deal with. 

    When I lost the first and best one I ever had, he recommended that I always look for one at a hospital. A pain clinic at a hospital will always be able to do all of your procedures and testing and have all of your results on hand. All of my doctors and pain clinic are at the same hospital so they are all on the same page. That is the best thing I ever did. 

    With that being said, that is what works for me. But you could start by calling your local hospital for recommendations for a PM doctor or clinic. You could also ask your GP for a recommendation.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

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  • Aunt-Reese, my clinic’s website says he is multi disciplinary...I assume that means he offers many types of treatments

    it also listed medication management as one of his services...which is a fancy way of saying he prescribes opiates

    I,ve even called and spoken to the front manager and worded my conversation carefully to find out if they prescribed...I would say something along the lines that my clinic closed after being a patient for a long time...and they had me on a medication treatment plan that works...and does your doctor prescribe pain medication if he feels it’s an appropriate treatment plan...something along those lines and I’ve always gotten the information I needed

    however, when you say high dosage I don’t know exactly how high you mean...a lot of doctors don’t want to do that anymore...some states, like mine, have laws preventing it...may be tough to get high dosage prescribed off the bat

    good luck and I hope you get things worked out

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