Neck Pain=Dizziness?

I'm sure this has been covered but I looked through a few pages and couldn't find this question specifically. My apologies if it's a repeat.

I've found that I constantly have a sense of pressure, like my head is in a vice, and it causes me to feel imbalanced or dizzy. It gets progressively worse the more pain I'm feeling, especially in my neck or extreme tension. I've had MRIs, MRA, Xray, Cat Scan, Bone Density, etc. All came back normal. 

I can't find any solid evidence as to why this is. I find some information, and the next piece contradicts it. What is the link here? 

Because I can't find anything solid, it leads to a lot of "what ifs" and questioning of fairly rare and unusual diseases or conditions-I don't want to go down that rabbit hole. 



  • I was doing PT following up on neck surgery and began having dizziness.  Often felt like I was trying to walk while standing in a rocky rowboat or a tipping canoe-hope that makes sense.  I casually mentioned it to neurologist who was following my migraines.  She ordered blood work for B12 and copper levels.  B12 was off the chart low.  Started with B12 injections for until it was normal.  Apparently medications I was taking makes it hard to absorb B12.  I take it orally now.    Still have bouts of vertigo but not 24/7.  Just sharing not saying this is your problem.  

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    I do a set of 4 deep breaths when I feel dizzy because I hear it could be lack of oxygen so deep breaths help to relax and send oxygen to the tissues and brain. That's my issue though but I also have blood pressure issues so...have to get up slow and also had a virus causing dizziness in the middle ear but that went away on it's own. Hard to know the cause sometimes for me anyway.

    I'm just sharing as a regular person of course and not a medical professional. Charry

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  • I have been dealing with the exact same symptoms for 12 years. Ive also had all the same tests done as well. Nothing has ever came up on those tests. But after 7 of those years I finally got a diagnoses; TMJ (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction). Its a jaw disorder and most dentist should be able to diagnose you with it if they think that's the problem. There are different muscle relaxers they have put me on and there is also physical therapy as treatment. It never made my TMJ go away but it might help you with your symptoms if you get diagnosed with it. Maybe talk to your dentist just to see what they say. I hope this helps.

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