anyone have experience with cymbalta?

anyone have experience with cymbalta? my doc wants me to switch over to it but i read that it has some serious side effects



  • I took cymbalta for about 6 months. It was prescribed for chronic pain and anxiety.I had no improvement while taking it. I did have terrible depression despite the fact that I was on Pamelor for depression. It was a crippling depression and I had to wean off cymbalta. Since it only came in capsules it was a difficult wean. Harder than coming off tramadol. This was my experience but after some research I saw many others had similar experiences. Based on my experience, if you take Cymbalta just watch for signs of depression. 

  • yeah i have researched and so many people have serious side effects, others say it changed there life 

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  • I’ve been on it for 20 years. I have been off of it for lengths of times for different reasons. I found it helped my body pain from fibromyalgia. It does help my depression. I get brain zaps even while taking it. But they don’t bother me. I feel worse being off of Cymbalta  


  • I started taking Cymbalta just last month. Do you find that it's causing memory issues? Or is that just me?

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