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Lumbar vs Thoracic

Hi this is JClee48, I have not been on here for at least 3 years, I am now facing back surgery number 7. June 2013 was XLIF of L4 and L5, which i ended up with foot drop had exploratory on left leg September of 2013 had pinched nerves after extensive therapy unfortunately it never got better, 2014 I had a spine simulator from St. Judes  it was awesome, I had 4 good years with it, then 2015 they went through the front to try to put a cage at S1 it was unsuccessful my area is to narrow. 2016 I had a complete revision and im now fused from L3 to S1 with 2 cages, rods , screws and formagraft. In March 2018 I had thoracic at T9 and T 10 with a metal plate and a cage. I now have to areas of my spine that needs surgery L2 and L3, and my thoracic T6 and 7 and 8, they have decided to do the thoracic first because they feel it will help me the most, my legs are numb, very weak i get spasms, my entire back and legs feel like i have icy hot on them, I went from walking 6 miles a day in 2018 before thoracic surgery to now only able to barely tolerate a block, I have had no injury, I had scoliosis has a child that was not treated properly and myright leg is 1 inch shorter than the left,I have faith and trust inmy surgeons I have orthopedic and neurosurgeon that work as a team, I did have a second opinion at request of insurance, I am now scheduled for surgery May 14 th so far it is going has planned my surgeons say it is medically necessary, any advice with this Virus? I know they will not put me in harm and I am afraid if it gets cancelled that damage will be permanent. Any advice would be greatly appreciated



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    Great to hear from you again but not about the news of another surgery. I am so sorry. Even with the second opinion, surgery was still recommended. You have faith and trust in your surgeons and that is what matters the most. The whole medical community has, to me, gone above and beyond to protect us from this virus. I am sure, as well as protecting themselves, they will protect you too. 

    It is basically left up to them if they cancel or not. If it were me, I would at least wear a mask and gloves for my own protection.

    Good luck and please keep us posted in the coming weeks.
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