Chronic Pain between Both Scapula, feel like death

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I am a 27 year old fit and healthy male and have been in chronic pain for the last three years starting on my right scapula. I am hurting constantly and need the community help to me find a cure. Every night I sleep with Ice-Hot for the last two years just to be able to sleep. At work I have to wear heat patches or ice my back. All these short term solutions are no longer effective. I am in pain no matter what I do and nothing can help ease the pain. The pain feels like a tight muscle grasping for air between both scapulas and spreading up and down


Since the age of 24 I have had pain in my right scapula that feels like a knot that won't go away. At the time I used to work out a lot and would always push through the pain.

I got frustrated and started going to acupuncture but it would only relieve the pain that day. I have done over 50 X sessions in the last three years.

I then decided to go see a pain management doctor who did and MRI and told me I had a bulge disk T 5-6. We did three different type of injections and no cure.

Next I saw a muscle massage deep tissue guy for 4-5 sessions and no results. He told me it might be my gallbladder so I did a scan, negative results and even did a colonoscopy to see if it was gut related. Nothing.  

After about a year or two the pain has gotten so bad that icy hot and patches do not work. It even started to spread to my left scapula and now I have pain in both spots. As soon as I get any relief on one side it would spread to the other and I now have constant pain on both sides. I can't sit, eat, walk sleep or anything without dying from this pain.

No doctor seems to take me serious because I have a very muscular build.

Around March 2019. I stopped working out and decided to try physical therapy. I did 30 minute workouts for 4-6  months with one trainer and got no results, At this time I have not lifted a single weight since March 2019.  With no help from this, I went to see an Orthopedic who didn't take me serious, he told me I had a winged right scapula and sent me to a different physical therapist whom I did consistent workouts with for another 4-6 months. During this time I have tried muscle relaxers, pills, turmeric, painkillers, you name it and nothing helps. The only thing that helps is drinking but not 100%.  I went back to the doctor and he told me I have a damaged nerve and there was nothing he can do. He then suggested I do a nerve test but he found nothing and said that sometimes the tests don't work and he said I have to deal with my pain forever. 

I asked him to do an MRI of my right scapula and they found nothing. All of this has been a complete waste of money and time.

Next I went to a family doctor who have me steroid shots on both scapula muscle but it only seemed to make the pain worse and I got 0 relied.


I am going crazy with the pain that wont go away. I have seen everybody I know and done physical therapy for over a year, I am crying with pain inside and it gets worse and worse.

Please share your thoughts and help me with this. No doctor believes my level of pain. I have stopped working out but I am dying inside.

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  • Welcome atelh001 we’re glad you’re here!

    If it were me, I would get another opinion from a spine specialist, orthopedic or neurosurgeon, a bulging thoracic disc can be very painful and will require a spinal specialist.

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    Around March 2019. I stopped working out and decided to try physical therapy. I did 30 minute workouts for 4-6 months with one trainer and got no results, At this time I have not lifted a single weight since March 2019.
    Do you mean March 2017 in the last sentence? Otherwise it doesn’t make sense to me.

    Nowhere did you mention seeing a neurosurgeon? That’s where I’d be going.

    I have a muscular build too but that doesn’t mean we can’t hurt and be in pain.

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  • Hello all and thank you for your comments, I am happy to see someone is reading my new post and willing to share thoughts, I have not seen a neurologist or a neurosurgeon and will make that one of my top priorities. As I am new to this type of field would there be anything in particular I should tell them or what are your thoughts when I make an appointment to see one. 

  • Write everything down, what the pain feels like, anything that makes it better or worse and so on, take that with you along with all your scans and test that have been performed, the doctor may want another MRI or other test done.

    Take care and keep us posted


  • Jerome001Jerome001 Cocoa Beach, FloridaPosts: 327

    atelh001, there are so many of us on this forum who struggle every day like you describe your life. While we may have different pain and situations, I do believe we understand each other better than people not in our situations. We cannot relieve each others physical pain but, speaking for myself at least, reading what others are going through and receiving their support makes it a bit less difficult - I won't say easier because it isn't easy - to get through the day and/or night. I hope you find someone to help you very soon and as others suggested, I urge you to get to an appropriate medical specialist and try to get some pain relief. I hope you are having a better day. Regards, Jerome

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  • Hello thank you everyone for the help. As an update i did a video call with a neurologist and he said there was nothing that he could do and sounded like he couldn’t do anything based on my past sessions of treatments. He gave me lidocaine ointment which has done nothing. He said I need to do a EMG test or something like that to test the nerves but they are closed due to covid19. I think I can get an appointment in June but it’s soo painful I have to take pills to sleep every night. Well I hate to see people in pain but it’s good to know there are others who suffer the same 

  • And Jerome you are a great person hope your life is well and you are pain free for the rest of your life 

  • I don't know when I got a back injury, first started on amitriptyline and naproxen and prescription muscle relaxants but hopefully, you're able to get back to work or consider going for a career not so strenuous. But my family Dr. Referred me to neurosurgeons, an orthopedic surgeon and a pain center that does mindful meditation and special physiotherapy for spine or other issues like a medical team can help needs. 

    I had a nerve issue so get those nerves burned with radiofrequency ablation. Aqua therapy helped and acupuncture may have helped me a bit in the beginning. 

    A referral to a rheumatoid Dr. helped me as well. A lot of things still closed but I need Physiotherapy now. I think they're essential and we both wear masks and They wear gloves. Hope you get some answers soon.  Char

  • Hello charry. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply and adding your feedback: it is very valuable especially at this time. 

    I wanted to ask you if your pain started on one side and spread to both sides or how did you first feel it. I ignored for a year and lifted weights the whole time.

    Also before you got your nerves burned with radiofrequency ablation did you get an EMG or how do the doctor determine what your problem is. What tests can he do. 

    I am not sure if an EMG is going to help or if they can find what is wrong. 

    What did the rheumatoid dr say or how does that help? 

  • Pain in center for me initially but I was still able to work until I wrenched my back at work and couldn't walk or tolerate car rides. I stopped working almost turn 48 but I had other issues with Degenerative disc as well as large or hypertrophy of facet joints so get nerve burn for that issue but initially,back pain started way before the crippling injury, not a candidate for surgery.

    Radiofrequency had nothing to do with EMG, my Dr, ordered EMG because I had foot numbness and wanted to see if the disc was compressing the nerve. contact with the  nerve of the Herniated but didn't think it would do anything to have surgery. I don't know. The backpain is from facet nerves and my pain Dr. Did a test needle under live xray and see if that was the cause of backpain. It took a few years and the right Pain Dr. To find the cause.I saw 3 pain Drs but the last one was in the pain clinic in a hospital and it was figured out.

    Before that lots of trigger point injections didn't help me, the steroids helped but just a short time.the rheumatoid Dr. gave me steroid shot in arm sorry, that was for the shoulder. But Rheumatoid Dr. Great for folks with arthritis or shoulder issues, and he ordered shoulder MRI for me, it was a different issue.

    MRI was key to show enlarged facet hypertrophy and took the PM Anesthetist to see the main cause of pain so find a good Pain Dr. to help was the only way for me

  • Thank you for sharing your story. Yes it seems gm very hard to find a doctor that knows what problem is.

    When you started with Radiofrequency which doctor was it that refer you? Or did the mri of the shoulder have to be done first. I am seeing a neurologist pending appointments and responses but I want to know how I can get evaluated to try Radiofrequency

    Wow so much time seems to have been spent for you, and same here it is hard to managed all of this with dr bills and or finding the time with work to go to all these sessions.

    I agree too that steroids and trigger injections don’t help at all and probably just make things worse long term. 

    For me the pain rotates sides and was actually so intolerable that I went to urgent care and they gave me a shot of Toradol and kenalog but none helped at all.

    They also gave me 30mg if Tylenol 3 codeine and even taking three pills did not make my pain go away.

    From what I read it doesn’t look like I am on the right path if an EMG will not tell me much

    You also seem to know a lot too thanks for sharing 

  • The facet block worked for me, then it's long term. My family primary Dr referred me to the hospital Pain Center because the other Pain Dr.s didn't use live x-ray or twilight sedation. It was an 8-month wait to get in so I had to have pain meds from my Dr.

  • It was an Anesthetist who is the Pain Dr. in the hospital pain center who does the RFA but when I had a facet block, I did get pain relief so RFA is more long term. I asked my Family Primary Dr. to go to a Hospital Pain Center where injections are done under live x-ray and sedation.

    The Dr. orders the EMG if they think there are nerve issues. I think there's no way around that diagnostic test. 

    Canada has free healthcare so the waits may be longer but they were very thorough with tons of tests. all the best.

  • Wow you are so lucky with free healthcare in canada. I blow through my money trying to find treatment. 

    Well thank you for the help I guess I will just have to wait for a EMG July 2nd but will be pushing to get one sooner. 

    Just got back from Accupencture to try and ease the pain but the relief lasted about one hour only.

    It’s just it’s tough to wait I have to have ice on it all day and take sleeping pills to fall asleep or else I can’t sleep. 

    Also pain killers don’t help at all so I stopped taking the two week supply I was given from urgent car e

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