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My re-fusion has made me worse....what are my options?

History of my case in previous post.'s been awhile since I've been on here. I didn't know whether or not to start a new thread or to continue the one that it started a long time ago. So here I am continuing to thread. Hopefully someone will can read the history and give me some ideas.

November 6th of 2019 I had a spinal fusion reconstruct. I am just over 5 months post-op from having all six of my pedicle screws removed due to the fact that pedicle screws at L5 we're both broken, at L4 they were bent, and that L-3 they were loose. The neurosurgeon stated that it looked like mush in there, so he remove the fusion bone around the hardware also. Apparently none of it had fused properly due to the loose Hardware. He installed bigger gauge Hardware of a new type with articulating type ball heads that tighten down independently of the angles of the vertebrae. He also used BMP bone morphagenic protein. So from what he says, my Fusion is doing very well. But, he has no idea why I have five times more nerve pain in my legs, my legs consistently go numb even worse then prior to the broken Fusion Hardware being removed, and I end up with severe loss of strength now that I've had this new Fusion. The neurosurgeon stated that he hogged out all of the nerve Roots at the vertebrae levels where they exited and did an additional decompression laminectomy and discectomy at L2 vertebrae. I continue to have the inflammation post-surgical which has continued since the original Fusion in 2016. It is like every surgery I have I'm getting more screwed up. I'm having SI and hip pains that feel like the muscles are trying to rip themselves apart. If I didn't write earlier, the Nevro simulator was removedbecaseit wasn't working.

Any suggestions on why I have inflammation for almost 4.5 years post surgical? I'm worseand feeling like soon it is wheelchair time for me. I am on 75mg of oxycodone, toradol injections when real badthat do not seem to relieve pain, lyrica, diclofenac, h-wave, ice, heat. Nothing is working. 



  • I'm so sorry to say that I am very disappointed that I post, users read post, nobody replies. Disappointed. 

  • The only suggestion I have after reading your post is to see if you have gotten a second opinion, you are dealing with a very complex situation, another set of eyes can be a very good thing at times, I am sorry you are in so much pain


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  • I am so sorry to hear of your pain. Is it possible your BMP has overgrown. I know it happens sometimes. I agree with the previous poster that you should see another doctor to get another opinion on what is causing your pain. I wish you better days ahead and hope you can find a solution to your pain.

  • It has been a while and I am just now reading your post.  How are you doing?  Did you get a 2nd opinion?

    Your issues are definitely very specific.  Perhaps that is why no one commented, because they do not have any experience that is relevant to your broken hardware.

    I am just beginning my low back journey and have no words of wisdom except do not be afraid to get multiple opinions.

    I sincerely hope you are doing better now.

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    Another summer wasted! Spent most of it on my back in bed. New MRI showes fluid around my re-fusion hardware. Waiting for the neurosurgeon to call me back. MRI paper report says "fluid around pedicle screws typically is signs of loose hardware". This will be the second time. First fusion had broken and loose hardware.  Oh well.... and the 15mg. Oxycodone 4 times a day doesn't do anything! Inflammation and muscle knots in lower back, SI joints and hips are still swollen. And.... all the issues I posted above still exist and are worse than ever,

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