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Opioid withdrawal help and when do I choose a pain pump?

My pain mgmt doctor closed his practice. He was the only doctor to prescribe meds that treated my pain effectively so that I have a somewhat normal life. I am on high doses of oxy - 3 x the max recommendation (I take 310 MME per day). I have failed back surgery syndrome from surgeries to treat lumbar congenital stenosis and I also have foraminal stenosis now. I can’t get a fusion because I have a mass on my kidney that needs to be treated first. It might be cancer. 

I’ve called 10 offices so far and got only 1 appointment. Most have refused to see me when I tell them my dosages. The doc I had appt with wouldn’t subscribe more than 1/10 with no tapering. I admittedly had a break down in his office.

I have a weeks worth of immediate release left. I am pretty sure I’m going to be forced into withdrawal. Has anyone experienced this? What is your advice? 

I tried to start tapering but it’s hard when that pain creeps in like clockwork not to take a pill that will help you to continue to function especially when I have to work a full time job from home. 

I’m writing this while sobbing. I’m so terrified. 

What is a pain pump like? If you have one When did you decide to get one? I feel like convincing a doc to give me a pain pump may be my only choice. 

Thank you.



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    I am so sorry you are having to go through this. Plus possibly being diagnosed with cancer. I'm so sorry. Trying to find a pain management doctor can be exhausting. Have you called any hospitals to see if they have had pain clinics?

    I had to be weaned off my meds before getting my pain pump. It's not easy but you have to fight thru it. It was my PM doctor that told me I needed a pump because the meds were not helping. And besides, he could not keep prescribing higher doses. It was the best thing I ever did, I do not regret it. 

    If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask me. 
    Take care

  • Ok thank you. That is good to know. That may have to be the route I take. I really appreciate it. 

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  • I found that while you are going thru withdrawl that standing in the shower as hot as you can stand it helps. I was taking 5 plus hot showers a day. I am not sure why it helped, but it did help. You will also have diareeah and feel like you have the flu for three to five days. Also makes you yawn alot. After three to five days you should feel much better. At least that was my experience. Hope this helps. Please keep us updated.


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