Back burning from fusion

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Hi all. Almost 5 1/2  years ago I had a T4 - T10  fusion. I have never been through anything so bad. But lately my mid back to my waist is burning, very painful. I am not going to anymore doctors. All they do is x Ray me or a scan. Then say it's a very big job. Not sure if they can. It would be a two part operation. Just wanted to know if others had this years after a fusion. Pills don't touch this pain. And I'm not taking more. 



  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,476


    Glad to hear from you but I hate that you are in this much pain. Is it burning  like nerve pain burning? But I'm a little confused, are they wanting to do surgery again? You said "it's a very big job, not sure if they can". 

    Hope to hear from you

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