Mild spinal Stenosis on MRI

hi I had a 3 level ACDF c4-c7 in January of this year. Extreme pain initially post op but at 6 week mark was much improved. At 6 week check up my consultant assured me that X-ray was good and to resume normal activity. That is when I noticed increasing neck pain on movement, right arm pain and weakness returning and additionally have new right leg heaviness and intermittent tingling.

My MRI at three months post op shows persistent mild stenosis at all three levels and bilateral foraminal stenosis. Has anyone heard of this so soon post op??

Am waiting to see my consultant hopefully in the next week or two. 



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    If I had pain/heaviness going into my leg I’d want a lumbar MRI. Heaviness in my leg due to a cervical problem sounds not very likely. Maybe the neck surgery isn’t related to the leg symptoms?

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    I agree, if it were me I would ask for a lumbar MRI.

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  • I had the same surgery a little over 2 years ago, I also had some of the same issues you describe, except the leg at about the 8 week mark, PT was what it took for me to get over it, I have also had a couple of scans since the surgery and the reports show similar issues, my surgeon said that there was nothing bad enough to cause any problems. Your leg is concerning and as the others have said, you may need a scan of your lumbar.

    Take care and keep us posted


  • Thanks for reply’s everyone.

    Chip that is reassuring to know you had similar issues post op. I just assumed my leg was related it feels the same pain as is in my arm. 

    I’ll keep ye posted after I see my consultant, and mention about the lumbar MRI.


  • We have had members in the past that indicated lower extremety issues related to the cervical area, so anythings possible, but your surgeon should be able to sort it all out.


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