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I thought I’d share my experience as I begin Ketamine IV Therapy treatments this Sunday.  It’s done by an anesthesiologist and he originally started to explore his practice for the treatment of pain, recently added mood disorder.  He is crafting a hybrid treatment for me to address both in six initial therapy sessions.

Like many, I’ve been struggling with spine problems for 9 years and severe chronic depression that set in with it.  I’ve had a 3 level lumbar fusion, a 2 level cervical fusion and an artificial disc recently above the cervical fusion (C4-C7, L4-S1).  My last procedure was the lumbar fusion and I’ve maybe gained a 5% improvement.  Life sucks.  I’ve been hospitalized for suicidal ideation and had a plan to hang myself a week ago.  I’ve now taken 17 different antidepressants, one after another they’ve failed or been intolerable with side effects.

My psych referred me for TMS (magnetic therapy for brain), ECT (causes therapeutic seizures).  But I also began studying Ketamine and there have been lots of success stories out there.  It’s the least invasive and it theoretically can help with both my pain and the depression.  The Ketamine floods the brain with BDNF proteins that rebuild growth of neurons and synapses in the brain.  He will also kill off opioid receptors in the brain and I will go cold turkey off the Oxycodone.  Yikes!

Not covered by insurance where I am (sigh), but this is the first Hope I’ve had in about two years.

Wish me luck!  Curious if anyone else has tried the therapy?




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    Wishing you all the luck possible!! If this can help with both the pain and the depression then it will be worth it. Hope is all we all have, don't ever give that up.

    This forum may not be your answer to your depression but it may help just getting on here and talking. We've all done it. Whined and cried, complained about spouses and partners, but always supported each other. And we will support you.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us, looking forward to hearing about about your treatment.


  • Jerome001Jerome001 Cocoa Beach, FloridaPosts: 326

    Michael, what happened with your ketamine treatment?

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