Atlas subluxation relieved by prolotherapy

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I’ve been reading stories of atlas subluxations and their hunt for relief. Iv been through the medical ringer and have finally started to come out on the other side 8 years later. 

I wanted to tell you my story of atlas subluxation after a car accident. After being tboned by a red light runner I started to get tightness in my left arm before I left the scene of the accident. I went to the ER and the doctor pinched his way up my neck and said I was fine but I’d be sore and sent me home with some pain killers. I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst migraine Iv ever had. After a couple pain killers i was able to sleep again. When I woke up in the morning the back side of my neck was numb and I could barely move it. Another trip to the ER resulted in x-rays and more pain killers. (Starting to see a pattern of doctors treatments?). A couple days later I still had the same issues and went to a primary care doctor I established. I was recommended to see a chiropractor. I was under chiropractor “care” 3 times a week receiving massage and adjustment for 7 months. Looking back at this now at 28 I can see they were milking my insurance but at 20 I thought people actually wanted to help. During their “care” I developed a numbness and sharp pain in the bottom of my left foot so I had a series of MRI’s that resulted in nothing. I was experiencing dizziness, radiating tingling down my arms, head pressure, anxiety, panic attacks, falling feelings like when your dreaming, and migraines. The pain in my foot got so intense I couldn’t put any weight in it, so I had 2 epidurals done which provided relief for about 3 weeks each. I didn’t want to continue the temporary relief route so I stopped the epidurals. I saw the chiropractor for another couple weeks.   

Once the “PIP” of my car insurance was drained I was simply told sorry, there’s nothing more we can do for you and I was stuck worse condition than I was when I walked in the door. After feeling helpless for a couple months I was told about an osteopath and the adjustments they do. My first visit I was looked over and then adjusted which I can say was awesome. I felt completely better. Being 20 and nieve I went back to my weekend sports of golf, motorcycle riding, etc. after one ride I was back to all the symptoms but more intense. I was back at the osteopath atleast once a week for minimal relief then no relief at all. 

Eventually I was told I was crazy And making it up for pain pills and to not return. I had done chiropractic, osteopathic, pain management, a total of 1.5 years in physical therapy, acupuncture, yoga, Pilates, anything you can think of. 

During this my long term girlfriend left me as I had “changed” and wasn’t the same person. I stopped doing all activities and developed a depression. I went to work and even that was hard to do with brain fog and dizziness. I poured myself into my work anyways at it was an only outlet I had. I drank and took excedrin migraines for the pain. This went in for about 3 years until I had enough and started to look into alternative treatment.

I found an atlas orthogonist (by accident, I thought he was just a regular chiropractor) and after xrays he was shocked at how crooked my cervical spine was. Once he adjusted my atlas using a sound wave it was like someone had flipped a light switch. The brain fog, dizziness and other symptoms were gone. It was amazing. I left the office with a neck brace and a new hope for recovery. The adjustment only lasted a couple hours once I took the brace off but I continued care. After a couple visits I was diagnosed with ligament laxity and I needed to try prolotherapy to tighten and heal the ligaments. So I did a year of prolotherapy for my upper cervical spine from C1 to around T5 area as well as my lock back. It was a painful experience but a couple days after the shots I had such a reduction of pain and the atlas adjustments actually stuck! After the 12th Round of prolotherapy I ended up moving to another state and haven’t had any since. 
 There are countless studies that show 100% relief of neck pain. I hope my story helps guide some light. 



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  • Good news on your success with prolotherapy and I hope you stay well. I have been desperate for help with my cervical instability and I was ready to dip into retirement savings to pay for prolotherapy out of pocket. I went to a leading prolotherapy doctor in Atlanta and he told me that he wouldn't recommend it in my case. Didn't really explain why, but just said that it wouldn't help my situation. I was pretty disappointed. Other pain management doctors have told me that it is only helpful for large joints and not cervical. So here I am once again desperate for help and not sure what to do now. 

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    I'm sorry it did not work out for you. At least the doctor was honest with you and did not do something that was not going to help. But don't give up. I'm sure you have gotten different opinions so sometimes you just have to start all over. I've had to do that a couple of times. It's frustrating but it paid off.

    Good luck and keep us posted

  • Thank you for your post Bmose!  Did you ever have an MRI that showed the atlas subluxation, or was that only diagnosed by your atlas doctor?  I'm also curious about your experience with Osteopathic manipulation -- I just had my first appointment with one this morning.  The adjustments were more like consistent pressure in certain areas -- my SI joints, my belly button, but not much pressure in the neck area along with some very light touching around my skull.  

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