Loud cracking noise 4 months post fusion

I had xrays last week and all looks fine almost 4 months post 8 level fusion then all of a sudden I shut a pantry door and heard a loud popping sound from my back. Now it is doing it frequently. I can not tell if something is moving along with the sound. Called my doctor and he said a few patients have expressed a similar concern. He said if I have no extra pain I should be fine.  Honestly it is freaking me out. Feels like something rubbing or catching with the noise. Any thought? Anyone else have this?



  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,464

    At times, my back will pop or snap but no pain with it. My doctor said the same thing, as long as there is no pain with it, it should be fine. Like you, when it does this, it freaks me out, I always jump and think the worse. I usually just take a deep breath and stand still for a moment.


  • Yes Sandra me too. Since this is all so new to me I may go back next week for another xray for piece of mind. Mine was a difficult series of surgeries I could not bare to have to do it again 

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