Low back pian

Ok im old to this forum and haven't posted in a very long time. Ok i guess im getting frustrated because my low back literally kills me after trying to do any work. Ive been fused at L5-S . I just had radio frequency to burn nerves and helped leg pain. But im tired of everytime I try to do the least little thing it kills my back and the doctors seem like it's nothing. But something is causing it and has been since 2009 im guessing im just looking for someone in my shoes that's found answers and relief. It just really gets to me sometimes because it makes me feel like im not a man anymore because i use to love to exercise , hunt , fish, and its all been taken awa . 



  • Unfortunately, I understand and it's no fun, I have had to learn to pace myself, when it starts hurting I have learned to quit and rest.


  • Yea it sucks never getting answer . 

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